Only 1000 Player Left In LOL Season 9 In Indonesia

Only 1000 Player Left In LOL Season 9 In Indonesia

League of Legends from RIOT Games is an MOBA game with the most players in the world. Many players from the United States, Europe and Asia play this one game. Unfortunately in Indonesia, the demand is very small.

League of Legends or often abbreviated as LoL itself has been published from 2009. But it only entered Indonesian servers through Garena at the end of 2013. In the sixth year the Indonesian League of Legends server was increasingly left behind by the players. Even though in other Southeast Asian servers League of Legends is still in demand by MOBA PC players.

The beginning of season 9 has been started since the end of the jaunuari yesterday. The total League of Legends Indonesia players who play ranked matches are only 1,200 people to date. Of course it’s a drastic decline from the biggest MOBA game in the world.

Many old players retired from playing LoL because there were fewer events given by Garena. As well as the emergence of MOBA Mobile, which is much more salable in Indonesia, it is also a major factor in the loneliness of League of Legends players in Indonesia.

We’ll see if Garena will give a new breakthrough so that League of Legends players in Indonesia will be crowded again. Or League of Legends has officially become a dead game in Indonesia. Then, will the server and Indonesian players be left behind later?

What You Should Do If Play As A Core In Dota 2 ?

The International 2018 Main Event already began, If you still remember about the match between Liquid againts OpTic, you can see the gampelay of Miracle- in that match. If you want become a pro player, you need to know what core hero should do in a match.

First, you need to know what’s the best starting item for your hero. Starting item extremely important. If you buy the wrong item, you will be hard to farm in lane. If you are a melee hero, you can buy a Quelling blade. This item will give you extra damage on non hero unit like creeps and jungle monster. Don’t forget to buy healing item like Tango or Healing Salve.

The second one is farming. Focusing yourself in farming. In early game, you nee to focus so you can buy one core item and help your team when clashing, specially if you using Alchemist. When using Alchemist, you need to rush your Radience. Usually, Alchemist can buy Radience in minute 10 – 12.

When doin a clash, remember this thing, always aim their support, not their main carry ! Kill their support so they can’t disable you or harassing you. After killing their support, you can aim their carry. Ignore tank !

Don’t forget to do lane rotation if playing at mid lane. Always bring Town’s Portal so you can back up your teammates and kill enemy unit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Make Smile Every Time!

6 years is not a short time, first announced at the E3 2013 event, now we can finally enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3. After such a long wait, now everything is paid off, finally we can enjoy Sora’s latest adventure as a whole.

Development over a period of years is certainly expected to appear stunning, and Square Enix managed to do so. There are a lot of significant positive changes in Kingdom Hearts 3, and the most striking of course comes from the visual aspect. Packed with Unreal Engine 4, the visual quality that is presented looks very refreshing to the eyes, every world that Sora explores feels always “sweet”.

The matter of story matters, as we know, Kingdom Hearts is indeed one of the franchises with complex stories. But this third series is confirmed to immediately continue Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course, for those of you who decide to go directly to this third series, it will be difficult to digest the story that was presented. Given that Kingdom Hearts itself has 9 main games, all of which have related stories.

From the aspect of the gameplay itself, now Kingdom Hearts 3 comes with a mechanism that is increasingly complex but far more interesting. Every fight that is presented always feels good, starting from just facing the kroco, to facing the boss battle, all of which are very unique and interesting. A quick battle with each combo that can be released by Sora, presents visual and movement effects that are very pleasing to the eye and will make your eyes difficult to blink.