One Punch Man In Mobile Legends

One Punch Man In Mobile Legends

There is a rumour that said Aldous can kill any enemy heroes with only one punch ( except Tank heroes ). This rumour is true and you can do it too when using him in classic game or ranked game. But you should know about his best build for doing that.

Back in time, Aldous was named Aulrad, but with unspesific reason, Moonton change his name to Aldous. So, don’t waste any time anymore, let’s see what is the best build for Aldous.

Hasil gambar untuk aldous

Number one,you should buy Endless Battle. Why you should buy this item first ? Because this item can boost your HP and also give you lifesteal effect. But the main reason why you should buy this item about it passive skill, Divine Justice. With this effect, Aldous can inflict more damage with his first skill.

The second one is Berserker Fury. Such as first item, this item can give you a chance to hit on critical strike. Just imagine how much damage will be inflicted to enemy when critical is coming out ?

The next one is Scarlet Phantom. FYI, Aldous is not an attack speed type heroes, but we need the critical attack chance form Scarlet Phantom. So if you combining Scarlet Phantom with Berserker Fury, enemy should die in one punch ! Seriously !

What You Should Do If Having Team Full Of Marksman In Mobile Legends

What You Should Do If Having Team Full Of Marksman In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game for mobile console for now. There is so many player whom play this game. But sometimes when we playing this game, some people can’t play as a team and pick whatever they want, like two marksman at 1 match. Using two marksman in single game it can be a burden to a whole team. If you meet this condition, you must do this thing to win the game.

As we know, marksman is a badass monster if you can drag your game to late game. Why ? Because marksman depends on item, it’s mean if you can drag to late game, enemy team will fight two marksman with full loaded items. Scary right ?

You need to calm down your tension if you meet this kind of player. If you mad of them a whole game, you just make it worst. Try to avoid any ganking enemy’s and try to farm well. We know, play with two marksman is hard, but it’s not impossible to win.

And the last thing is don’t waste your time. If enemy’s heroes wipe out, don’t wasting your time ! Go straight and push your lane, destroy turret as much as you can and finish the game. If this not possible, go to Lord so you can have an advantage on pushing lane.


Indonesia Wins 1st Place in 2019 SEA Finals PES

Indonesia Wins 1st Place in 2019 SEA Finals PES

PES Southeast Asia (SEA) Finals 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand has just ended. Indonesia won the first place and topped seven other participating countries.

Indonesia sent four people as representatives in the 2019 SEA Finals PES, including Rizky Faidan from Bandung, Rommy Hadiwijaya from Banjarmasin, Elga Cahya Putra from Palembang, and Ardi Agung Nugroho from Lampung.

The four were selected from the national level competition as the initial stage before becoming representatives for Indonesia, Liga1PES held on February 16-17 2019. This competition previously collected 25 of the best players from Jakarta,Jawa, Sumatra Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT and NTB .

Quoted from RevivalTV, Rizky Faidan became the most interesting. The teenager, nicknamed “The Wonder Boy”, was the youngest participant in the PES competition for several years. Rizky became a finalist several times and won the international PES competition.

At the age of 13, Rizky has been active as a champion of the national level PES competition. Rizky has already passed the Liga1PES final round three times so that he is a representative of Indonesia, starting from the 2016 PES SEA Finals in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the first winner in PES 2018 Malaysia.

This year at the age of 15, Rizky managed to get Indonesia to win first place in the 2019 SEA Finals PES competition. In the competition which was joined by 32 players from eight countries, Rizky brought Indonesia to meet Vietnam in the final round.

RevivalTV said that previously (besides Rizky) Indonesian representatives were defeated by representatives from Vietnam and finally only left Rizky. The fight between Rizky and the Vietnamese representatives ended in penalty shootouts with numbers 4-3.

Thanks to this achievement, Rizky won a prize money of THB 50,000 or Rp.22 million. With this title, Rizky will be Indonesia’s representative for the PES championship in Tokyo Japan for the next few months.

Director of The Witcher 3 Now Handle Cyberpunk 2077

Director of The Witcher 3 Now Handle Cyberpunk 2077

Not only is it a new standard in the RPG action genre, The Witcher 3 has successfully raised the prestige of CD Projekt Red to be one of the ambitious developers that some of its rivals must respect.

An interesting premise and a half-opened nature of the open-world world, creating works with content that can be played up to hundreds of hours for players and increase the standard for video game design. Their success certainly not only escaped the cold hands of the staff, but also the direction of the director of the game Konrad Tomaszkiewicz. It’s believed once again to handle the new mega project being worked on, Cyberpunk 2077.

A user reddit, asbx444 found that the Konrad LinkedIn account was updated and provided its current position status which rose to the rank of Vice President of Game Development and Design Director for Cyberpunk 2077.

Even though it’s quite unfortunate that the game’s Creative Director actually moved to Blizzard Entertainment, but with Konrad’s presence, of course, Cyberpunk 2077 is expected to be better than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently under construction, there is no release date at all, but it is certain that it will be present on the current generation console and PC. CD Projekt Red has also confirmed that the game will appear at E3 this year. You can read our information summary to find out more.

Rockstar Bring New Update For Celebrating Their Birthday

Rockstar Bring New Update For Celebrating Their Birthday

As one of the most successful PC games that ever comes out , GTA V never fail to suprise gamer with a new update every single times, GTA V also known as the source money for Rockstar Games!

Yes as we know since GTA V release in 2013 until now, GTA V in this five years already become the highest sales VIdeo game in this era. They can achieved this result is because of Rockstar games as their producer always having a new suprise update every single month for gamer to never bored to play this GTA V.

from the interview with their Business Insider, CEO Take-Two Strauss Zelnick claim that they already have a new update that will suprise the GTA V lover to also celebrate 5 year of their Franchise GTA V. Also on that moment Zelnick show his gratitude by saying thanks to all Rockstar Games Team on what they achieved until now. From the information we get this serial GTA already sell almost 285 million copied and almost a hundred million comes from GTA V alone !


In  the end of interview Zelnick also send his gratitude towards all gamer around the world that always supporting and never feel bored to play GTA V and promise them that RockStar will always give their best to all the gamer.

Until now GTA V always become one of the most popular games that loved by gamer around the world. Their best decision and the one that make their sale increase rapidly in when RockStar Games decided to launch GTA V in PlayStation 4 and also PC platform.

Maybe some of us will criticized this game because some of them feel this game is not appropriate to play because show  a lot of sexual abuse and also fighting action, but its not stopped this game for getting almost US$6Billion for their sales.