Don’t Do This When Playing Online Games So You Don’t Get Banned

Don't Do This When Playing Online Games So You Don't Get Banned

In playing online games, of course, we want to play in a fair and fun way. Even so, there are a lot of people who want to make a profit and play in the wrong way to the detriment of other players.

Usually as good game developers, they will apply some very strict rules. The rules are made so that the existing game can run properly and have a good impact on the players.

Here are things that can make you banned when playing online games.

1. Cheating

We already know that this method is an illegal method. Usually, people who use this method want to achieve something quickly. For example, in the game Point Blank, here cheaters will use programs that allow them to see the position of opposing players, not to mention there are those who use aim hack that is a cheat that allows us to shoot always on target and headshot. Usually, if you are detected using a cheat, you will get are permanently banned.

2. Exploit Bug

In a system, there is no such thing as perfect, this also applies to games. Usually, in a game program, there will always be bugs found. If we report the bug to the developer it will certainly be good because of the possibility that in the next update, the bug will be fixed by the developer. But if you even use the bug for personal gain, then your account will be banned.

3. Flaming RASIS

An online game is certainly played by many people from various tribes, cultures, and beliefs. If you do flaming or provoke the emotions of other players by bringing things that have relevance to ethnicity, religion, race, and parents, then you must be prepared to get banned. Usually, game developers will explain this on their TOS. If you can’t respect other players, you better not play online games.

4. Emulator

For emulators, you must see the game conditions you play. Some developers do not prohibit the use of emulators when playing. Even so, some game developers also strictly forbid, for example with Pokemon Go launched by Niantic.