Know More About Ancient Apparation In Dota 2

Know More About Ancient Apparation In Dota 2

For those of you who like to play hero support in the Dota 2 game, surely you are familiar to Ancient Apparation right? This one hero is a counter for high-regenerating heroes like Alchemist and other tank heroes.

Ancient Apparation is a hero that has ice elements and has many skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements. This hero can also be played in several roles such as mid laner or support.

The ability of Ancient Apparation to harassing enemies during the early game also deserves a thumbs up. By using his first skill, he can give magic damage to the opponent he is targeting. Even worse, if the opponent does not move within a certain distance, they will be exposed to freeze status.

To maximize his first skill, Ancient also has skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements in the targeted area. Besides that the opponent will also receive a substantial reduction in magic defense.

With cold touch, in the next five attacks after the use of skills, Ancient Apparation along with friends who are in the AOE skill will get very large magic damage, this magic attack is pure, which means that it will not be cut off by magic defense.

Ancient Apparation’s Ultimate is Ice Blast. This skill is global. For each unit hit by this ice wave it will lose the ability to regenerate its cellphone, even in a fountain!

Best Item Build For Phantom Assasin

Best Item Build For Phantom Assasin

In playing the Dota 2 game, choosing the right item really supports the effectiveness of a hero in the team. The selection of the wrong item can actually make the team lose, especially if the hero you are using is an agility (carry) hero. This time we will discuss the most appropriate item for the Phantom Assassin.

For early games, you can focus on buying Ring Of Aquila and Phase Boots. Why do we recommend Phase Boots? Because this type of boots can provide additional damage that can maximize his ultimate skill, Coup de Grace. Besides that the Phantom Assassin can get attack speed from his second skill.

Entering the Mid game, you can buy Battle Fury. With the Battle Fury, you can also maximize his ultimate skill while maximizing your farming. Remember, Battle Fury has the effect of Cleave Damage so you can get rid of creeps quickly.

After that you can buy the Black King Bar. Why is this item needed by the Phantom Assassin? Because with this skill, you can enter into the war zone without the need to fear being stunned or receiving magic damage from your opponent. That way you can move freely without the need to fear being defeated by the opponent’s support.

Entering the late game, the most suitable items are Satanic and Skadi. Aside from adding a large enough cellphone, Satanic and Skadi also provide an attack modifier that can help you win the game.