Details of SoulCalibur VI Balancing Update Plan

Details of SoulCalibur VI Balancing Update Plan

After NieR: Automata’s 2B release as a guest character and DLC SoulCalibur VI, Bandai Namco apparently still has many updates for one of his weapon-based fighting games. One of them is balancing.

Speaking with Japanese game magazine Dengeki Online, they said that the update balance versions 1.10 and 1.11 had to be separated thanks to 2B. Making Namai Bandai inevitably has to postpone it because the character is a top priority.

In addition to balancing, version 1.11 will make it easy for players to get “Ring Out Win”, fix the Astaroth and Cervantes hitboxes, eliminate differences between online and offline, to balance for all their characters.

Although there are still two more DLC characters that will be released soon in the game, but Bandai Namco confirms that the next DLC is something that is closely related to Create-A-Soul Mode. They will release two pack items consisting of more than 100 items.

The first pack will be released soon after version 1.11 is implemented. It will contain several parts of new costumes, some items from the previous series, and some items from characters not released on SoulCalibur VI. In addition, some of the music from the old series of the game also refused to be absent. Bandai Namco also plans to release several items from its pack for free, but does not provide further details about it.

You can now play SoulCalibur VI on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Dead or Alive New Event : Nagisa The Kunoichi Ninja

December begins to end, this means that the new year will begin soon. Leave memories 2018 to welcome some of the opening events in 2019. A matter that is also anticipated by Koei Tecmo and DMM Games with several events in its free PC game, Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation.

Welcoming the end of the year, they released the tsundere Nagisa girl who is also the sister of Misaki who is worried about her sister who works with the owner (you, red) on an island. You who promised him to participate in FES finally got an agreement from him on the condition that he had to return his younger sister to Nagisa’s lap.

With an unusual but still tempting bikini costume, complete with designs of clothes that resemble an kunoichi or female ninja, Nagisa gets a low percentage of gacha which is 0.77%.

In addition to the announcement, Koei Tecmo and DMM Games gave an event to welcome the new year 2019. Daily SSR ticket login, Keys of the Heart is used to increase your “affection” with girls just by achieving a certain score, New Year Mandarin (Mandarin Orange , red) for XP boosting, until the Charm Medal will be one of the main elements they will present.

Keys of the Heart and the Charm Medal you can get after reaching a certain score in the game. You can only get Mandarin New Year after exchanging the New Year Copper Coin obtained from winning every game. The Charm Medal can be exchanged with some home furnishings such as chairs and other objects.

The event will only take place from today until December 31 at 11:59 p.m. Japan time or 22:00 WIB.

Faramis – New Hero Project In Mobile Legends

It seems like Mobile Legends really understands how to spoil its fans, after a few days ago officially introduced the Malasysia hero who has the official name Badang on the advanced server, this time they have prepared a new mage type hero named Faramis. Previously, leak Faramis had been leaked by the Instagram account ml_leak, and this time they again leaked the Faramis skill that had the ability like Madara that could bring the dead to life, Edo Tensei.

itself has skills that are classified as very OP, this is because almost every skill from this mage type hero is very useful both individually and team fight. From his own passive skills Faramis can become an eternal hero, because every time he manages to kill an opponent, he will turn them into souls who will add lives and give damage to their closest enemies.

For skill 1 called Shadow Stampede, it will transform itself into a shadow and will increase the movement speed of Faramis, the severity of this skill is also able to attract 2 enemies at once. For skill 2, Faramis will issue 3 energy balls that will damage magic damage, where the attack has a wide range because it can bounce 3 times. As for the ultimate skill, it will make this hero very useful to Team Fight, because the skill named Vicious Revival allows to turn on the hero of the hero who dies for 10 seconds, which will give the enemy a shocking effect and will be very decisive when team fight .

Interestingly, Faramis himself has a look that is so dark like a magician in general. In terms of its own appearance, the hero who most likely has two skins when the release is later, namely The Alchemist and Death Chanter, is dominated by black, which seems to make this one hero so mysterious and dark that is supported by silver-colored myopia.

Of course, with the skills he had, Faramis seemed to be really going to become a mage who had a function as a support that would be very troublesome. Besides being able to bring to life the heroes who were killed, the skill of 1 of Faramis was really dangerous because it could draw 2 enemies at once, and could bring it to the tower area. What a terrible mage hero!

PUBG Released On PS4, Yippiey !

PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp) announced today that it will bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to the PS4 console on 7 December.

PUBGs are given a T rating for Teenagers by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and are now available for pre-orders globally at retailers that collaborate and on the PlayStation Store.

Additional bundles are available with limited offers during pre-orders.

“We are delighted to be able to expand our PUBG services and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game,” said Changhan Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp.

“PlayStation has developed an incredible community of gamers and we can’t wait to join them this holiday season” he continued

PUBG on the PlayStation 4 will be launched with three iconic maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. This game will cover all the main features, ranked systems, event modes, achievements, and more.

PlayStation 4 players who pre-order will receive two exclusive items from PUBG: Nathan Drake’s outfit from the Uncharted and Ellie’s backpack series from The Last of Us.

Those who play on the PS4 Pro will see improved graphics quality, including support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting on compatible TV devices.

PUBG will be available in three different pre-order bundles, available until launch in December. For those who want to buy, just come here.

Here’s the price of the PUBG in the console, yes:

Looter’s Edition: Rp. 432000
Base Game
Survivor’s Edition Rp. 719000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
2,300 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP
Champion’s Edition Rp. 864000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
6,000 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP

Valve Give Coin Award for Veteran Counter Strike Players

After creating a new game mode, the battle royer, namely Danger Zone and making the Counter Strike Global Offensive game free, Valve again leaked the latest update from the Counter-strike Global Offensive game.

In conjunction with the final update of season 2018 and Winter Wonderland at CSGO, Valve will also give award coins to veteran players in Counter Strike. Coins nicknamed 10 Year Coin Dedication will be given to players who have supported the Counter Strike game for more than 10 years.

Actually the Counter Strike Global Offensive game was just released by Valve in 2012. But the previous game from the first Serie Counter Strike has been around since 2000. So from that Counter Strike game can be said to be 18 years old.

Giving veteran coins to appreciate the loyalty of Counter Strike players from around the world to the community because it can still exist until now. Besides coins Valve will also give virtual medals to CSGO players who have a Global General rank (Rank 40) at the end of this season.

CSGO has recently become a pro-contra among its players because the game is now free by Valve. Although the players will be more numerous but the quality will decrease. Besides the problem of cheats is also still haunting the biggest FPS game.

Survey Proves 84% of Young Women in the UK are Gamers

A recent survey from The Insights People about the behavioral habits of teenagers in the UK found a new phenomenon. The survey shows that teenagers in the UK are very interested in video games. Even 84% of young women in the UK can be said to be gamers.

Of course this greatly outperforms the number of young men who like video games. Not only that the realm of esport in Britain is now also starting to be dominated by womenfolk. From the survey there are also statistics that 15% of these teenage girls watch and are interested in the world of esport. They not only play games in their spare time but also see the development of their country’s esport.

Of course this has denied the stereotypes that women used to hold that they were just hobbies for shopping. But now their hobbies have shifted towards video games. The survey increased by 10% from the previous year that only 75% of teenage girls in the UK liked video games.

But the genre of games that young women play is certainly different from men. While teenage boys prefer Fortnite and Call of Duty games, young women tend to play Nintendo games such as ARMS and Smash Bros, and other online games.

The survey was only conducted in the United Kingdom alone. Until now there has been no follow-up survey about the interest of young women throughout the world on video games. But from that all can be concluded that every year, girls who like video games are getting more and more.

PUBG Mobile Reach Highest Player, Same As Fortnite

Talking about the large number of players in a game is currently surpassed by Fortnite with more than 200 million players, but now followed by PUBG Mobile, which has skyrocketed the number of players. Based on reports from The Verge, both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile now have approximately 30 million active players per day.

PUBG Mobile’s achievement at this point is also inseparable from its previous achievements as “Best Game of the Year” on Google Play, which is then increasingly known by all Android users throughout the world. Maybe this is a blunder for Fortnite who does not distribute its Android version on the official market, they prefer exclusivity on certain phones that tend to have high specifications.

Maybe this is also inseparable from the popularity of PUBG Mobile in our country. Because of the popularity of PUBG Mobile, it even attracted attention in the scene, which at first probably had never glanced at the game industry and even esports, is now starting to jump into the industry that is now rising. Just call the JKT 48 star that made an esports team that some members focused on PUBG Mobile State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) PT. Kereta Api Indonesia, meanwhile also enlivened by making the PUBG Mobile team as well.

The growth of the number of PUBG Mobile players is indeed fairly fast, last September there were 20 million active players per day. Only two months later there were 10 million active players per day.

Ubisoft employees reported being fired after threatening Pewdiepie via Twitter

Youtuber with the most subscriber from Sweden – Pewdiepie has made some controversy in recent years. The majority of this controversy comes from jokes that are seen by the media as offensive and racist and not infrequently because the media reports something from this man without the actual context, the latest controversy is one of them.

Last week, the man in the name of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg asked fans to stop subscribing to his channel so he could release a video project he had prepared when the T-Series followed the number of subscribers he had. At the end of the video, he mentioned one by one the small channel which he felt was entitled to get more subcriber, one of which was the movie review / essay – E; R channel. Felix explained if he liked the channel because his review of the Netflix Death Note / essay was made, but because the channel had often used racist jokes in previous videos, outside media raised the issue.

Dianna Lora, producer of Massive Entertainment – the studio behind The Division 2, reads the news and feels annoyed to express her opinions and invites other developers to blacklist and “end” Pewdiepie.

After publishing the tweet, The Quartering Youtube channel spread this news to widespread and made Pewdiepie fans and gamers protest this to Ubisoft.

A few days after this news spread, The Quartering got a message from a source claiming to be Ubisoft employees if Dianna was fired right after her tweet was widespread. Although this cannot be ascertained to be true or not, but seeing from Diana’s Twitter profile that has removed his involvement with Ubisoft and has been made private, it seems that the news is true.

Ubisoft hasn’t released an official statement about this event, so what has been obtained by The Quartering for now is still unconfirmed. This news will be updated soon if there are new developments.

Denuvo Expelled From Dishonored 2

Denuvo has become one of the most reliable video game protections up to now. Although it has been successfully broken down many times, but evidence that it can save sales one to two weeks after its release makes it the only anti-piracy software in the world.

Had become a controversy among gamers because of performance problems, most developers generally obey their willingness to delete it. But not a few developers still maintain it even though the game has been hijacked, one of which is Arkane Studios and Bethesda for the game Dishonored 2. Luckily, now the software has been deleted.

Through the announcement of the latest DLC, Death of the Outsider Bethesda and Arkane Studios, add black and white mode complete with mission + that allows you to return to the mission that you have completed with all your abilities. In addition, this free DLC will give you pre-order item pack “Imperial Assassin” just by logging into the account.

Along with the announcement, Bethesda and Arkane Studios apparently also removed Denuvo’s pirated anti-software from Dishonored 2. A step that was considered late, considering the game had been successfully hijacked in advance.

Bethesda is no longer a foreign company for Denuvo removal problems. In 2016 ago, they immediately deleted Denuvo after Doom was successfully hijacked. Uniquely, Prey, who has been broken for a long time, still uses it. It’s not clear why they still maintain it even though the game has been broken down.

Dishonored 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can read more news about the game here.

Special Character In Mortal Kombat 11 – Spawn

The 4-year cycle for each continuation of the Netherrealm fighting game franchise still continues. Announced right at the Game Awards yesterday, Netherealm finally officially announced their latest super sadistic fighting game called Mortal Kombat 11.

By first showing the trailer of a fairly intense cinematic battle between Raiden and Scorpion, apparently the Netherrealm still wants to continue the interesting tradition that they have embraced since releasing Mortal Kombat 9 ago (besides about their game release period, of course). The existence of a guest character seems to still be an essential thing that accompanies the emergence of this game

Spawn is said to soon be coloring the sadistic world of Mortal Kombat. Believing not to believe, the issue of the emergence of a superhero who was revived from hell was immediately agreed by the creator in the comic version, Todd McFarlane. In an AMA (Ask My Anything) which he held on Reddit yesterday, he answered fans’ questions about the possibility of the presence of Spawn in the Mortal Kombat 11 game.

Todd in answering the questions of fans made the issue of the appearance of Spawn as a guest character at Mortal Kombat 11 has been strengthened. If that is true, Spawn will be the seventh guest character following Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Alien, Predator, Leatherface, and Jason Voorhees in the Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat X series.

Mortal Kombat 11 itself is scheduled to be ready for release on April 23, 2019 for the PS4 platform, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The detailed description of this game also reportedly will soon be Netherrealm shown on January 17, 2019 later.