Bully 2 Confirmed In Progress?

Bully 2 Confirmed In Progress?

After having spread a lot of rumors of the presence of the Bully 2 series complete with the casting opening about it, Rockstar apparently is still silent and unwilling to reveal whether this is true. However, leaks from the following YouTuber will probably give a glimmer of hope for it presence.

Through the uploaded video, SWEGTA revealed that a user named Alex Martens agreed that Bully 2 was being worked on by Rockstar when commenting on the previous video. Interestingly, there was someone who was also named Alex Martens who worked at Rockstar Games as a Technical Designer.

Some SWEGTA videos about Bully 2 commented on similar accounts put suspicion on the franchise fans. For some users on Reddit to find out who Alex Martens commented on the YouTuber video, it was finally decided that the possibility that the account is the original developer of Rockstar Games is true.

The account was created in 2013 with 189 subscribers complete with their own profile picture. He also follows the official Game Developers Conference (GDC) channel. If the account is a fake account, then he won’t have a profile picture and doesn’t have any reason to follow the official GDC channel. Moreover, the account was created six years ago which dismissed the notion that he was a random person who claimed that he was a member of Rockstar Games and commented on the existence of Bully 2 to seek attention.

Since the video was viral in the gaming community, Alex Martens changed his website to Alex M and removed his profile picture. Of course, in the absence of concrete evidence, it could be that the account is a nosy act of ignorant hands on just one person on the internet. However, if it is the original account of one of the Rockstar developers, is it possible to get unofficial confirmation of the presence of Bully 2? Who knows?