Newest Battle Royale Game: Apex Legends

Newest Battle Royale Game: Apex Legends

If you have heard or played PUBG games, then this is the newest game that is a bit like PUBG. Apex Legend, this game is pretty similar to PUBG which has the theme of battle royale but has the touch of Overwatch. Because Apex Legend is not just an ordinary FPS game, it has skills.

This game was released on February 11, 2019, after doing research for the next 3 days, this game has been played by 25 million users! WOW, it’s quite big right ?. This game can be played with your friends as many as 3 people each party. If you die in the game, you can respawn again if your teammates help you.

Apex Legend has several characters ready to play. Each character also has their own abilities, such as attackers, defense, medic and trackers. As the name implies, the attacker, of course the task of this role is to attack and taje down enemy, the skill also supports to sneak up to attack the enemy. Defense is certainly a skill that is owned to protect a friend’s 1 team. Medic to cure one team friend and yourself. Tracker to track enemies whether there are enemies approaching or not.

The weapons used are also not too difficult to control, just need to adapt for a while. Unlike PUBG, the weapons are difficult to control and need time to adapt so they can control their weapons.

Gearbox Finally Announces Borderlands 3

Departing from a unique cartoonist visualization with unique & solid FPS gameplay, Borderlands is able to make gamers end up falling in love. 5 years has been absent, of course, making the fans feel longed for the presence of the latest series of the Gearbox concoction franchise.

The good news, finally the wait will soon be paid off, after circulating as mere rumors, finally today Gearbox announces a new Borderlands series, a Borderlands title which finally holds the number 3 behind it.

Through the reveal trailer of about 3.5 minutes that they have shown, Borderlands 3 will offer many actions that are far more “crazy” than the previous series. The artistic karunic visualization that Gerbox still maintains in the newest series this time, but of course with the improvement that makes the game look more dazzling on the current generation platform.

Gearbox itself is only sharing information through its first trailer, they plan to announce various details about Borderlands 3 on the 3rd April.

Dogfighter: World War 2 Will Be Released on June 27

Dogfighter: World War 2 is an air combat game using fighter planes like the Ace Combat game series. However, this IGGYMOB game has a quite unique premise, which matches the name of the game, the pilot driving a fighter is a dog.

The plan for the Dogfighter: World War 2 game will be released in advance for the Japanese region on June 27, and there has been no news for its release in other regions.

Taking the background of the second world war, there are iconic warplanes that players can later choose. Some of them are quite well known are Zero, Mustang, Spitfire, Messerschmitt and many more.

Furthermore, there are scenario modes inspired by recorded air battles in history. This game also has online multiplayer content in the form of Battle Royale mode, consisting of a choice of Solo, Duo or Squad modes.

Dogfighter: World War 2 will be released first for Japan on June 27 2019 specifically for the PS4 platform.

So, if you want to play a game which is have a unique gameplay and story, Dogfighter: World War 2 can be perfectly match with you. Prepare yourself to conquer the world with your friends in duo or squads mode ! Can’t wait for this game, right ?

Not Only Nero, Dante Also Can Be Play In Devil May Cry 5

Two month ago at E3 2018, Capcom already shocked us with their new project, Devil May Cry 5. In that time, Capcom made Nero in to main character. He will be the protagonist in this game. But in the trailer, we can see player play as Dante. But Dante in this game already old, not like previous series when Dante still young.

Dante is not the NPC in this game. He also can be play by gamers ! In Gamescom 2018, Capcom released the new trailer of Devil May Cry 5 which is not Nero in the trailer, but Dante. In the newest trailer, Dante start his action from his super cool bike.

Before talking about Dante, let’s discuss about the first trailer of DMC 5. In the trailer we can see many aspect we can do with Devil Breaker, the mechanic hand of Nero made by Nico. This Devil Breaker have eight mode and have an special ability to kill the enemy.

For example, Overture. This ability can shock the enemy with electric power. Nero also can made heat into a electric shock with Gerbera. In the trailer, we can see Devil Breaker can turn into grappling hook to hook the enemy and drag them to you.

There is two other weapon which will help you kill the enemy, they are Red Queen Blade and Handgun Blue Rose.

Jump Force Added Gon And Hyosoka From Hunter x Hunter

Still hesitate about Jump Force game ? Don’t worry, you will still love this game because there is two new character added to this game, they are Hisoka and Gon from Hunter x Hunter series. Cool right ?

Anime characted who combined with 3D Graphic non cel shaded maybe will be weird for some people, but Spike Chunsoft as a developer said that this combination will be a good combination.

At the end. Jump Force come to the market to entertaint many gamers around the world. There is a popular character from anime like Son Goku from Dragonball and Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto Shippuden series.

After success in J-Stars Victory VS, Spike Chunsoft came again to introduce their new game with Jump Force game. This game have a good 3D graphic, better than the last one.

For now, Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft still trying to set the best roaster who can be played in this game. For now, there is Dragonball, Naruto and One Piece character who can be play by the gamers.

Jump Force maybe will be available on 2019 for Playstation 4 and XBOX One. There is no news form Bandai Namco about Nintendo Switch and PC version. Are you ready for this fighting game ?

How To Get “IORI” Skin On Mobile Legends

A few months ago it was announced that Mobile Legend would collaborate between one of the SNK game developers, KOF (King of Fighter). This collaboration presents 3 skins that can be purchased in the game, namely, Leona which is the skin of Karina, Athena which is the skin of Guinevere, and finally Iori which is the skin of Chou. Of all these characters, Mobile Legend players can get Leona skin for free, and Athena directly bought it for almost 1300 Diamonds, and Iori Yagami through the Bingo event.

However, the event did not immediately give the skin of Iori Yagami, Chou directly. Where players must participate in bingo rewards, and make straight lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the cards listed on the event.

Players must spend a number of diamonds to participate in the event which is equal to 2250 Diamond to get 1 point in the bingo game. If you are lucky, you can get the Iori Yagami skin in 3 opening times, but if not you can spend your diamonds 6 times.

Taken from a Youtuber Mobile Legend “Hororo-Chan” who had obtained the Iori Kagami skin. Hororo-Chan opened 10 of these chests 5 times, and spent 10,575 Diamond diamonds. For Rp. 2,651,500, – (Price of Codashop Mobile Legend 4804 Diamond + 4804 Diamond + 966 Diamond + 6 Diamond) or around 2.5 million more to get the KOF skin.

Note: Mobile Legend gives a discount on the opening of the first 10 chests of 1575 diamonds, then you will spend 2250 diamonds per 10 crates.

PUBG Mobile Became The Most Downloaded Game Of The Year

PUBG Mobile became the most popular game in Android and IOS platform. They also reach 100 million download only in 4 month. Amazing right ? With this record, they also beat Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Arena of Valor.

Tencent as the developer of the game said that they reach this score only in 4 month after being released. They released this game on last March 2018. If this game available in China, Korea and Japan, the number can increase dramatically. As we know, that three country banned this game so Tencent can’t release this game in that country, sad.

PUBG Mobile is light version of PUBG for PC. This game is battle royale game. When you play this game, you will fight against 99 other player. You need to survive from dying, kill or be killed. Simple as that.

There are so many equipment you can choose when playing this game, start from weapon, helmet, ammo and many more.

“We want to say thank’s to Lightspeed and Quantum Studios as a developer. We also want to say thank’s to all player who playing this game. You all give us inspiration to giving more and more to you. Your dedication and spirit in playing this game is our pride,” said Vincent Wang as a General Manager of PUBG Mobile.

How You Feel If Work As Graveyard Keeper ?

Back in time, Harvestmoon was a great game with cool gameplay and feature. But till now, there is no developer who can make a game like Havestmoon. If you want to bring back you memories, you can play Graveyard Keeper.

This game look like Harvestmoon, but you play as a graveyard keeper. Your job is to stimulate your life to build a good cemetery. Same as Harvestmoon, you need to collect material to build a good graveyard. Not only that, you also can collect item from corpses for gaining gold.

Graveyard Keeper have large map, so you can explore more and more. There is a cool festival and a little bit romantic sense in this game.

If you are a coward and scare to play horror game, you no need to worry, this game is cute fun game with no jumpscare scene. The undead and skeleton in this game are so damn cute, so you no need to worry about them.

Graveyard Keeper using a pixel style graphic. This game focusing on the story instead of graphic. But this game is fun to play and can be a time killer !

If you want to play this game, you can download it from Steam for Rp. 108.999 or 7,99 USD. Bring back your memories about Harvestmoon by playing this game !

New Fraction, New Heroes, And New Features On Seven Knight

Who are the fans of mobile RPG games that don’t know about this Netmarble game called Seven Knight. The game that runs with the turn based RPG system is very popular from year to year, and only a few days ago announced that it would bring new content into the game in the next update. The update will present a new Special Hero named ‘Aleem’.

Aleem is a special hero from the “Terra Herald” fraction that was added to the update. Terra Herald is a new fraction that appears in the game. Netmarble added that they will also add and present content along with new heroes in the fraction. Plus, Aleem, who is the first hero of the faction, will become the new leader in Terra Herald and will have unique skills.

In addition to new heroes and new factions, Seven Knight will also provide new features that can strengthen the hero by using an additional ability, “Fighter Soul”. However, to use the ‘Soul Soul’, players must use ‘Soul Shard’ to strengthen the hero and these items can be obtained through Adventure and arena.

The cool thing is, to celebrate the new update, Netmarble is happy to provide abundant rewards and interesting events. Immediately, Download the Seven Knight on your mobile, and login now!

PC Games Recommendation Of The Week !

if you feel bored this week, there is a very good recommendation game from us. we knew there were a thousand game in the market, but only a few games interesting and have a good gameplay and story. So this is our recommendation.

1. We Happy Few

This game is one of the most popular indie game in the last year. For now, the developer already finish making this game. This game has a unique gameplay and so catchy for gamers. This game take place in 1960 when all people living a shitty life but forced to be happy and smile everyday.

All the people will take a medicine called Joy which can give them a happy feeling. But there is a dark secret about this medicine and you need to beat the organitation who make this pills. This survival horror game can be a good game for you to play, good story, good gameplay and creepy sounds can bring back the horror atmosphere.

2. Monster Hunter World

We think this game is a good game for you, specially for you who played the other series of Monster Hunter. This game be the most succesfull game this year ! The developer also make the price lower than the previous version so it’s a good news right ?

In this game, you will fight against hundred monsters. When you beat the monster, you can craft many equipment like armor, helmet, boots, weapons and many more. So this game can be your partner to accompany you through the weekend.

3. Walking Dead: Final Season

If you are the fans of Walking Dead Series, so you need to play this game. From the first season, this game came with emotional story. But you must remember, this game is point to click game, so it’s not suitable for all gamers. But if you like this kind of game, you need to play this one. Seriously !