One Punch Man In Mobile Legends

There is a rumour that said Aldous can kill any enemy heroes with only one punch ( except Tank heroes ). This rumour is true and you can do it too when using him in classic game or ranked game. But you should know about his best build for doing that.

Back in time, Aldous was named Aulrad, but with unspesific reason, Moonton change his name to Aldous. So, don’t waste any time anymore, let’s see what is the best build for Aldous.

Number one,you should buy Endless Battle. Why you should buy this item first ? Because this item can boost your HP and also give you lifesteal effect. But the main reason why you should buy this item about it passive skill, Divine Justice. With this effect, Aldous can inflict more damage with his first skill.

The second one is Berserker Fury. Such as first item, this item can give you a chance to hit on critical strike. Just imagine how much damage will be inflicted to enemy when critical is coming out ?

The next one is Scarlet Phantom. FYI, Aldous is not an attack speed type heroes, but we need the critical attack chance form Scarlet Phantom. So if you combining Scarlet Phantom with Berserker Fury, enemy should die in one punch ! Seriously !