How To Counter Hayabusa In Mobile Legends

How To Counter Hayabusa In Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know the ferocity of the Hayabusa hero in the Mobile Legends game? He’s so terrible and have great destruvtive power if fight in 1 on 1 battle. Hayabusa is currently included in the list of banned heroes while playing ranked mode.

As we know, Hayabusa is able to provide extra damage when facing 1 on 1 with an opponent hero. His ability to kill an opponent’s hero is indeed deserved thumbs up. Naturally, Hayabusa will be banned in ranked mode.

Besides being able to kill quickly, Hayabusa was also very skilled at running away. Almost all Mobile Legends players are overwhelmed when dealing with this one hero, especially if Hayabusa users are pro players, it will be troublesome.

Actually there are many ways to stop Hayabusa’s movements. The most important thing that must be done is always do ganking wherever Hayabusa is. This is done so that the hunting and farming of Hayabusa will be slow.

Besides that, you also have to steal blue buffs. Hayabusa is in dire need of a blue buff, as we know, Hayabusa has used the energy system just like Fanny so it needs buffs to make it easier to move and use his skills. Without a blue buff, Hayabusa will have difficulty controlling energy so that his movements will be limited.

The next thing to do is to use a hero who has a stun, for example, Aurora, Saber, Nana, Martis and other crowd control heroes. When clashing, you must lock Hayabusa first, after Hayabusa knockdown, then you can target other heroes.

Heroes In Mobile Legends Who Look Familiar With Dota 2

Mobile Legends games are often referred to as plagiarism games, this is because many of the heroes in Mobile Legends imitate the heroes from other games, for example, Dota. Here are some Mobile Legends heroes that are similar to the heroes in Dota.

Franco has a form like a big and fat Viking clan. He has a weapon like a hammer and carrying a hook. The skill possessed by Franco is very effective for ganking. But behind Franco’s popularity, it turns out that this one hero is imitating the hero that is Dota 2, Pudge. Pudge also has the same interesting skill as Franco. Not to mention the similarity between Franco’s ultimate skill which is very identical to Pudge’s “Fresh Meat” or “Dismember”.

Balmond is a fighter that is usually played as a tank. He has very effective skills to eliminate the opponent’s minions. With the ultimate skill, Balmond can end opponents who have little HP. Balmond is also very similar to Axe, a hero in Dota2. Both of these heroes are both from the orcs and carry large axe weapons. Axe also has spinning and ultimate skills which are very identical to Balmond.

Alice is a mage hero who has a high level of durability. But this one hero is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 named Akasha or Queen of Pain. It’s just that the skills possessed are different, the similarity lies only in the form.

As with Alice, Miya is also a hero who is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 called Drow Ranger. The difference is that Miya is from an elf nation while Drow Ranger is from a dark elf nation. Miya and Drow Ranger similarity lies in the ability to shoot and its shape.

How To Get “IORI” Skin On Mobile Legends

A few months ago it was announced that Mobile Legend would collaborate between one of the SNK game developers, KOF (King of Fighter). This collaboration presents 3 skins that can be purchased in the game, namely, Leona which is the skin of Karina, Athena which is the skin of Guinevere, and finally Iori which is the skin of Chou. Of all these characters, Mobile Legend players can get Leona skin for free, and Athena directly bought it for almost 1300 Diamonds, and Iori Yagami through the Bingo event.

However, the event did not immediately give the skin of Iori Yagami, Chou directly. Where players must participate in bingo rewards, and make straight lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the cards listed on the event.

Players must spend a number of diamonds to participate in the event which is equal to 2250 Diamond to get 1 point in the bingo game. If you are lucky, you can get the Iori Yagami skin in 3 opening times, but if not you can spend your diamonds 6 times.

Taken from a Youtuber Mobile Legend “Hororo-Chan” who had obtained the Iori Kagami skin. Hororo-Chan opened 10 of these chests 5 times, and spent 10,575 Diamond diamonds. For Rp. 2,651,500, – (Price of Codashop Mobile Legend 4804 Diamond + 4804 Diamond + 966 Diamond + 6 Diamond) or around 2.5 million more to get the KOF skin.

Note: Mobile Legend gives a discount on the opening of the first 10 chests of 1575 diamonds, then you will spend 2250 diamonds per 10 crates.

One Punch Man In Mobile Legends

There is a rumour that said Aldous can kill any enemy heroes with only one punch ( except Tank heroes ). This rumour is true and you can do it too when using him in classic game or ranked game. But you should know about his best build for doing that.

Back in time, Aldous was named Aulrad, but with unspesific reason, Moonton change his name to Aldous. So, don’t waste any time anymore, let’s see what is the best build for Aldous.

Number one,you should buy Endless Battle. Why you should buy this item first ? Because this item can boost your HP and also give you lifesteal effect. But the main reason why you should buy this item about it passive skill, Divine Justice. With this effect, Aldous can inflict more damage with his first skill.

The second one is Berserker Fury. Such as first item, this item can give you a chance to hit on critical strike. Just imagine how much damage will be inflicted to enemy when critical is coming out ?

The next one is Scarlet Phantom. FYI, Aldous is not an attack speed type heroes, but we need the critical attack chance form Scarlet Phantom. So if you combining Scarlet Phantom with Berserker Fury, enemy should die in one punch ! Seriously !

What You Should Do If Having Team Full Of Marksman In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA game for mobile console for now. There is so many player whom play this game. But sometimes when we playing this game, some people can’t play as a team and pick whatever they want, like two marksman at 1 match. Using two marksman in single game it can be a burden to a whole team. If you meet this condition, you must do this thing to win the game.

As we know, marksman is a badass monster if you can drag your game to late game. Why ? Because marksman depends on item, it’s mean if you can drag to late game, enemy team will fight two marksman with full loaded items. Scary right ?

You need to calm down your tension if you meet this kind of player. If you mad of them a whole game, you just make it worst. Try to avoid any ganking enemy’s and try to farm well. We know, play with two marksman is hard, but it’s not impossible to win.

And the last thing is don’t waste your time. If enemy’s heroes wipe out, don’t wasting your time ! Go straight and push your lane, destroy turret as much as you can and finish the game. If this not possible, go to Lord so you can have an advantage on pushing lane.


Faramis – New Hero Project In Mobile Legends

It seems like Mobile Legends really understands how to spoil its fans, after a few days ago officially introduced the Malasysia hero who has the official name Badang on the advanced server, this time they have prepared a new mage type hero named Faramis. Previously, leak Faramis had been leaked by the Instagram account ml_leak, and this time they again leaked the Faramis skill that had the ability like Madara that could bring the dead to life, Edo Tensei.

itself has skills that are classified as very OP, this is because almost every skill from this mage type hero is very useful both individually and team fight. From his own passive skills Faramis can become an eternal hero, because every time he manages to kill an opponent, he will turn them into souls who will add lives and give damage to their closest enemies.

For skill 1 called Shadow Stampede, it will transform itself into a shadow and will increase the movement speed of Faramis, the severity of this skill is also able to attract 2 enemies at once. For skill 2, Faramis will issue 3 energy balls that will damage magic damage, where the attack has a wide range because it can bounce 3 times. As for the ultimate skill, it will make this hero very useful to Team Fight, because the skill named Vicious Revival allows to turn on the hero of the hero who dies for 10 seconds, which will give the enemy a shocking effect and will be very decisive when team fight .

Interestingly, Faramis himself has a look that is so dark like a magician in general. In terms of its own appearance, the hero who most likely has two skins when the release is later, namely The Alchemist and Death Chanter, is dominated by black, which seems to make this one hero so mysterious and dark that is supported by silver-colored myopia.

Of course, with the skills he had, Faramis seemed to be really going to become a mage who had a function as a support that would be very troublesome. Besides being able to bring to life the heroes who were killed, the skill of 1 of Faramis was really dangerous because it could draw 2 enemies at once, and could bring it to the tower area. What a terrible mage hero!