How To Get “IORI” Skin On Mobile Legends

A few months ago it was announced that Mobile Legend would collaborate between one of the SNK game developers, KOF (King of Fighter). This collaboration presents 3 skins that can be purchased in the game, namely, Leona which is the skin of Karina, Athena which is the skin of Guinevere, and finally Iori which is the skin of Chou. Of all these characters, Mobile Legend players can get Leona skin for free, and Athena directly bought it for almost 1300 Diamonds, and Iori Yagami through the Bingo event.

However, the event did not immediately give the skin of Iori Yagami, Chou directly. Where players must participate in bingo rewards, and make straight lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the cards listed on the event.

Players must spend a number of diamonds to participate in the event which is equal to 2250 Diamond to get 1 point in the bingo game. If you are lucky, you can get the Iori Yagami skin in 3 opening times, but if not you can spend your diamonds 6 times.

Taken from a Youtuber Mobile Legend “Hororo-Chan” who had obtained the Iori Kagami skin. Hororo-Chan opened 10 of these chests 5 times, and spent 10,575 Diamond diamonds. For Rp. 2,651,500, – (Price of Codashop Mobile Legend 4804 Diamond + 4804 Diamond + 966 Diamond + 6 Diamond) or around 2.5 million more to get the KOF skin.

Note: Mobile Legend gives a discount on the opening of the first 10 chests of 1575 diamonds, then you will spend 2250 diamonds per 10 crates.