Bully 2 Confirmed In Progress?

Bully 2 Confirmed In Progress?

After having spread a lot of rumors of the presence of the Bully 2 series complete with the casting opening about it, Rockstar apparently is still silent and unwilling to reveal whether this is true. However, leaks from the following YouTuber will probably give a glimmer of hope for it presence.

Through the uploaded video, SWEGTA revealed that a user named Alex Martens agreed that Bully 2 was being worked on by Rockstar when commenting on the previous video. Interestingly, there was someone who was also named Alex Martens who worked at Rockstar Games as a Technical Designer.

Some SWEGTA videos about Bully 2 commented on similar accounts put suspicion on the franchise fans. For some users on Reddit to find out who Alex Martens commented on the YouTuber video, it was finally decided that the possibility that the account is the original developer of Rockstar Games is true.

The account was created in 2013 with 189 subscribers complete with their own profile picture. He also follows the official Game Developers Conference (GDC) channel. If the account is a fake account, then he won’t have a profile picture and doesn’t have any reason to follow the official GDC channel. Moreover, the account was created six years ago which dismissed the notion that he was a random person who claimed that he was a member of Rockstar Games and commented on the existence of Bully 2 to seek attention.

Since the video was viral in the gaming community, Alex Martens changed his website to Alex M and removed his profile picture. Of course, in the absence of concrete evidence, it could be that the account is a nosy act of ignorant hands on just one person on the internet. However, if it is the original account of one of the Rockstar developers, is it possible to get unofficial confirmation of the presence of Bully 2? Who knows?

CardBoard Battle Royale Style Game – Cardboard Clash

Who today does not know a NetEase game development company. Currently NetEase games dominate the Indonesian market, with Rules of Survival entering the top free game in Indonesia, the Onmyoji Arena with its well-known MOBA system, and Identity V which is the only Asymmetrical horror game that can be played on your cellphone . Apart from some of the games that are quite popular above, it turns out that there is another NetEase game that is very popular, Cardboard Clash.

Cardboard Clash is a Battle Royale game that uses unique and funny cartoonist characters. Just like other battle royale games, players will use the characters they choose. Uniquely, each character can be customized, where players can make their own characters in the game. Starting from funny, cute, cute characters to weird characters can be made in the game. Each has the ability, skill, and talent.

Cardboard Clash is a fast paced battle royale game, where 1 game will last <10 minutes. Where the arena area will get smaller every minute. You are required to fight enemies in one arena to become the number 1 winner in the game. Use various weapons, skills and so on that can be obtained in each game. Arena game will be in the form of 3D World with a different cartoonist style with other battle royale games. Interested in the game? You can download it on iOS or on your Android.

Metro Exodus: New FPS Game With Different Gameplay

With a myriad of improvements & overhaul in the gameplay presented, Metro Exodus is able to present an immersive FPS experience. Everything that is interesting and the variety of things offered is offered to make this game feel more interesting and challenging. The existence of Metro Eksodus is as if able to push the standard of the FPS single player towards a higher level.

Immersive, is an experience that we describe through increasing and reshaping the Metro Exodus gameplay, he presents presenting Metro gameplay that we have known so far, but with a very significant increase. Gameplay Every transition that is presented feels much more challenging, ranging from movement, camera, environment, shooting games, to the weather, everything feels more complicated and challenging.

Of course, everything that matters also affects the level of this problem. The current level of difficulty Metro Exodus feels is according to previous series. The Artyom movement will not be as fast as in the previous series, where now it can let compilation be activated to keep running. Resources & ammunition are now also felt more limited, as a support, now you can do crafts to mix supplies & ammunition through the resources that you have obtained. But still, you can only bring suply & ammunition in a limited amount on each trip, surely this will make it easier for you to always use bullets & supplies as economically & wisely as possible.

Try to emphasize flexibility 4A This game also feels that players can determine the style of play & challenge it specifically. To complete the mission, you can begin to prepare for resources & support preparation. Can you use a variety of ways to complete a mission, shoot a shot at the extraordinary? do stealth? pass through different areas? Everything is up to everyone.

First Person Shooter Online Game: Point Blank

Point Blank is a FPS (First Person Shoter) game that we can find everywhere, such as in internet cafes and our homes. This game can be played by creating an account first. This game was first developed by Gemscool. Then moved to Garena and is now fully held by Zepetto.

Point Blank is a game that can be played by all ages, from elementary school children to adults. Even Point Blank has a tournament, namely PBIC (Point Blank International Championship). This game does not only exist in Indonesia, but also abroad, such as Thailand, the Philippines and others.

This game is more inclined to Pay to Win. Because this game only provides weapons that are not good enough for early games like K1, K2 and ordinary Snipers. If you want a better weapon, then you have to top up Cash to buy weapons available at the Point Blank game shop, if you don’t want to spend money, you can play patiently while collecting POINTs to buy weapons. In the shop there are not only weapons, but accessories for games such as Quick Change, HP 10%, Quick Reload, Extra Magazine. So for those who are not patient, you can immediately fill in the cash and buy all the equipment according to your needs.

Anime Fighting Game: Jump Force

Surely everyone knows about the Shonen Jump manga, especially the otaku. Shonen Jump is now making a game called Jump Force. Jump Force is a fighting game or battle between characters. But the characters provided here are characters or heroes from some famous anime such as Ichigo from Bleach, Naruto, One Punch man, One Piece and Dragon Ball.

We can also create our own characters and we also can customize details like eyes, nose, face shape and more. We can also combine several costumes or accessories from existing anime character characters.

The characters provided are quite numerous, there are 40 characters ready to play. The characters from Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball anime were the ones who contributed the most because the 3 anime is one of the biggest series of Shonen Jump.

The price for this game is quite expensive, so for those of you who want to play this game you have to spend quite a lot, which is 599,000 on Steam. This game also exists on other platforms such as PS 4 and Xbox One. But unfortunately before this game was released globally, the Hacker had succeeded in hacking this game, it was still not released but could be downloaded for free on certain websites.

Cool Gaming Mouse From Razer With 7.200 DPI Censor

This time the Razer also issued a new product, namely Razer Abyssus Essential Chroma,the gaming Mouse with an RGB lamp that lights up at the bottom of the mouse. Quite unique, because most gaming mouse are produced with RGB lights that light up only on the logo. The RGB lights of the bottom of the mouse are supported by the Razer Chroma which has 16.8 million colors. This mouse has endurance or click power of up to 10 million clicks. And this mouse has a 7,200 DPI optical sensor where the sensor that the mouse has is very responsive.

The mouse from Razer is designed as a tiger grip, because the shape of the mouse is quite long. The disadvantage of this mouse is the left side of the mouse, because it doesn’t have macro buttons to go forward and backward. And this mouse also doesn’t have a DPI button.

Therefore if you want to set this mouse feature including RGB and DPI lights, we must download the software from Razer named Razer Synapse on the website or official website of Razer. In the Razer Synapse software, we can as we choose the RGB features and colors we want. We can also adjust the motion color of this mouse like a wavy color until random color, we can even determine its color with the color scale in the Razer Synapse.

Potato Mode In Mortal Kombat X Totally Fun !

There is one thing which is really interesting in Mortal Kombat X, it is Fatality. This is the moment when you want to knock down your enemy with cool style. In Fatality, there is bloody gore content which is really cool to watch, but how about if the graphics is set to low or we can call it potato mode ?

As we know, Mortal Kombat is the most popular game with best graphics till now. In the first series of Mortal Kombat, they using Digitized Sprite which can record the actor motion, and then they converted it to animation graphics sprite. With this script, they can make a very good motion in the game, specially for Mortal Kombat X which is new.

But there is a question, how the graphics if we set the graphics setting to low or potato mode ? Gamespot finally trying this thing. In the Potato mode, all look so horrible !

Let’s talk about the blood, in potato mode, the blood looks like a jelly, yeah, strawberry jelly ! So funny !

The second one is the organs. In high graphics settings, we can see the detail, like the brain, the bone and the other things. But in potato mode, all looks like a cute jelly, jigle jigle jigle….

The lightning also horrible. In potato mode, the lightning is dissapear, the subject and the object look so dark. So if you have a popato PC, you should not buy this game or you will be a potato too, lol ..

BOOM ID Successfully Passed To StarLadder Dota 2 Minor in Ukraine

Although it failed to qualify for the DreamLeague Season 11 tournament, BOOM ID is now re-carving new history. The representative from Indonesia managed to advance to play the Starladder Dota 2 Minor event to be held in Kiev, Ukraine. The success of BOOM ID through the minor for the second time this year certainly deserves appreciation.

In the BOOM ID qualifying round, there must be three strong Southeast Asian teams namely Tigers, Lotacs, and Detonators. But with the ability of BOOM ID players they managed to defeat their opponents without even losing one time.

With the passing of BOOM ID to Ukraine, BOOM ID hopes to return to DreamLeague Season 11 again open. Where later the champion of Starladder Dota 2 Minor will qualify automatically for DreamLeague Season 11. However, BOOM ID must face tough opponents from China and other Europeans.

In addition, BOOM ID is also fighting over the DPC Points which are used as invitation indicators towards The International 2019. Currently BOOM ID has only gotten 20 points from The Bucharest Minor yesterday. We’ll see whether BOOM ID will continue to skyrocket or even fall back as in the Minor tournament yesterday. Good job BOOM ID ! You all make Indonesia gamer proud !

FIFA 19 Bring New Experience For Gamer

The biggest football game that we know in history which is FIFA already launched their new product which is FIFA 19. Check it out how to play a foofball game with some Battle Royale mode.

the words Battle Royale maybe is a common words for a player that plays PUBG and Fortnite game, but how can this survival mode can be apply in the simulator game such as FIFA 19 ?

As we know that FIFA 19 is reportly to make a survival mode in their news product now, but do not think this mode will be the same with the Battle Royale that you know in where you can find like a hundred player football inside the field going for one ball. it is sounds very confusing right ?

so let check it out how the play this survival mode in FIFA 19. Survival mode FIFA 19 is more to whether which teams is getting the most goal first. Like usual, you will find that is two teams in the field that play, so when each one of the team getting the goal, another team will lose one of their players. So how can they game is over ? its will happen when one of the teams lost 4 players in their behalf and leave only 7 player in their teams, in that case the other team won the game. Sounds interesting right ?

So why do not FIFA19 make this survival mode until they find one last man standing in the field and that one wins the game ? Simple, because it against the laws of Federal International Football in where stated that one teams will automaticaly lose if the player inside the field in their team reached 7 people.

That is not the only  new things that you can find out in FIFA 19. Gamers also can find out a new no rules mode in this game, in where the gamers can erase the use of the referee inside the field, so when you  active this mode, you can found out that this game will not consist of offside and any other rules anymore.

FIFA 19 will launched their product to the user of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with the 4K resolution in PS4, Xbox One and PC.

PUBG Lite Will Be Availabe On 14 February

Talking about PUBG, of course we are talking about a battle royale game that requires PC specifications to run it smoothly. Of course this is always the main obstacle for gamers who only have “PC potatoes”, to outsmart this, finally Tencent launches PUBG Mobile which can be played on PC potatoes though.

Try giving PC PC gamers the chance to enjoy the PC version of PUBG with friendlier specifications, finally PUBG Corp will release the Lite version of PUBG PC. The good news is that next week, the beta version will be available for 4 Southeast Asian countries – Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and of course Indonesia.

The good news is, unlike the original paid version, the Lite version of PUBG will be available for free, just like PUBG Mobile. For those of you who intend to play the beta version on February 14, you can immediately register through their official site.

Following are the specifications needed for PUBG Lite:


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870

This Assassin ‘Creed 3 Remastered is planned to be released on March 29, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC.

Only 1000 Player Left In LOL Season 9 In Indonesia

League of Legends from RIOT Games is an MOBA game with the most players in the world. Many players from the United States, Europe and Asia play this one game. Unfortunately in Indonesia, the demand is very small.

League of Legends or often abbreviated as LoL itself has been published from 2009. But it only entered Indonesian servers through Garena at the end of 2013. In the sixth year the Indonesian League of Legends server was increasingly left behind by the players. Even though in other Southeast Asian servers League of Legends is still in demand by MOBA PC players.

The beginning of season 9 has been started since the end of the jaunuari yesterday. The total League of Legends Indonesia players who play ranked matches are only 1,200 people to date. Of course it’s a drastic decline from the biggest MOBA game in the world.

Many old players retired from playing LoL because there were fewer events given by Garena. As well as the emergence of MOBA Mobile, which is much more salable in Indonesia, it is also a major factor in the loneliness of League of Legends players in Indonesia.

We’ll see if Garena will give a new breakthrough so that League of Legends players in Indonesia will be crowded again. Or League of Legends has officially become a dead game in Indonesia. Then, will the server and Indonesian players be left behind later?

What You Should Do If Play As A Core In Dota 2 ?

The International 2018 Main Event already began, If you still remember about the match between Liquid againts OpTic, you can see the gampelay of Miracle- in that match. If you want become a pro player, you need to know what core hero should do in a match.

First, you need to know what’s the best starting item for your hero. Starting item extremely important. If you buy the wrong item, you will be hard to farm in lane. If you are a melee hero, you can buy a Quelling blade. This item will give you extra damage on non hero unit like creeps and jungle monster. Don’t forget to buy healing item like Tango or Healing Salve.

The second one is farming. Focusing yourself in farming. In early game, you nee to focus so you can buy one core item and help your team when clashing, specially if you using Alchemist. When using Alchemist, you need to rush your Radience. Usually, Alchemist can buy Radience in minute 10 – 12.

When doin a clash, remember this thing, always aim their support, not their main carry ! Kill their support so they can’t disable you or harassing you. After killing their support, you can aim their carry. Ignore tank !

Don’t forget to do lane rotation if playing at mid lane. Always bring Town’s Portal so you can back up your teammates and kill enemy unit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Make Smile Every Time!

6 years is not a short time, first announced at the E3 2013 event, now we can finally enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3. After such a long wait, now everything is paid off, finally we can enjoy Sora’s latest adventure as a whole.

Development over a period of years is certainly expected to appear stunning, and Square Enix managed to do so. There are a lot of significant positive changes in Kingdom Hearts 3, and the most striking of course comes from the visual aspect. Packed with Unreal Engine 4, the visual quality that is presented looks very refreshing to the eyes, every world that Sora explores feels always “sweet”.

The matter of story matters, as we know, Kingdom Hearts is indeed one of the franchises with complex stories. But this third series is confirmed to immediately continue Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course, for those of you who decide to go directly to this third series, it will be difficult to digest the story that was presented. Given that Kingdom Hearts itself has 9 main games, all of which have related stories.

From the aspect of the gameplay itself, now Kingdom Hearts 3 comes with a mechanism that is increasingly complex but far more interesting. Every fight that is presented always feels good, starting from just facing the kroco, to facing the boss battle, all of which are very unique and interesting. A quick battle with each combo that can be released by Sora, presents visual and movement effects that are very pleasing to the eye and will make your eyes difficult to blink.