First Person Shooter Online Game: Point Blank

Point Blank is a FPS (First Person Shoter) game that we can find everywhere, such as in internet cafes and our homes. This game can be played by creating an account first. This game was first developed by Gemscool. Then moved to Garena and is now fully held by Zepetto.

Point Blank is a game that can be played by all ages, from elementary school children to adults. Even Point Blank has a tournament, namely PBIC (Point Blank International Championship). This game does not only exist in Indonesia, but also abroad, such as Thailand, the Philippines and others.

This game is more inclined to Pay to Win. Because this game only provides weapons that are not good enough for early games like K1, K2 and ordinary Snipers. If you want a better weapon, then you have to top up Cash to buy weapons available at the Point Blank game shop, if you don’t want to spend money, you can play patiently while collecting POINTs to buy weapons. In the shop there are not only weapons, but accessories for games such as Quick Change, HP 10%, Quick Reload, Extra Magazine. So for those who are not patient, you can immediately fill in the cash and buy all the equipment according to your needs.