The Wolves Fear, The New Battle Royale Game Officially Released Early February On Steam

The Wolves Fear, The New Battle Royale Game Officially Released Early February On Steam

Battle royale genre seems to be the main attraction for game developers in the world. Given the success of Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, it is capable of having more than 2 million fixed online players every day. Uniquely the PUBG did it all in just one year since its release.

Finally, video game developers are competing to make battle royale games and try to match the achievement of PUBG. One of them is the developer of the Wolves Fear, Vostok Games. They tried to make a game with the genre of battle royale but with a different look.

In the Wolves Fear game the players not only survive against other players, the red zone, or just the blue zone as in the PUBG. But they also have to deal with mutants, wild animals, radiation, weather, frightening anomalies, and of course other players.

The graphics themselves also impressed extraordinary. With a display like the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game, the players feel at home playing the game. The Wolves Fear itself has actually been present in steam since August 2018 yesterday in the form of early access. While the official release will only be held on February 6 at a price of 170,000 in steam.

Anything You Need To Know About Lina Inverse

In DOTA 2 game, there is one most popular hero called Lina Inverse. Lina is INT attribute hero with ranged type attack. She also called Queen of Flame and be the most successfull hero from Dendi. As you know, Dendi is the most iconic DOTA 2 Pro player in the world back in time.

Lina Inverse is suitable to play as a carry, middle laner or a support. Her capability of nuking enemy heroes is very scary. Not only that, she also good at roam.

With Dragon Slave skill, Lina can take down creeps so easyly. This skill has a very low cooldown and fast skill animation. With this skill, Lina also can kill steal from her teammates. Fun right ?

As a ganker, Lina also can stun the enemy with Light Strike Array Skill. Her second skill is very good at disabling enemy hero movement for 2 second. It a little bit hard to use, so if you are newbie on this hero, you can build Eul Scepter for better aim for her second skill.

Fiery Fire give Lina more movement speed and attack speed after using a skill. It can be stack 3 times. With this skill, Lina can become a deadly killer and subtituting Carry job.

For finishing her enemy, Lina will use her ultimate skill, Laguna Blade. Lina will call an electric beam and smash the enemy. This skill have very high damage so Lina can take down enemy hero very fast.

The Senior Designer God of War Officially Crossed to the Microsoft Studio

Microsoft is now starting to increasingly want to assert itself as Sony’s toughest competitor in producing rows of exclusive games with high graphic quality. The form of business they do is really not playing games. Almost all layers of talented indie developers have succeeded in recruiting and trusting as part of developers affiliated with first party. Names like Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and Compulsion Games are examples of secret ammunition that Microsoft has prepared to bring in 2019.

Most interestingly, the existence of these potential developers in fact is still felt not enough for Microsoft. Because recently, they have again carried out strategic ties to strengthen their performance in creating a game that is definitely labeled more than AAA.

However, what Microsoft has just recruited this time is not a group of developers, but one of the key figures who has contributed to making the God of War PS4 game win the award as the best game version of The Game Awards in 2018 yesterday.

It’s Chris O’Neill, a senior level designer from God of War who has now decided to leave Santa Monica and Sony to help Microsoft realize their ambitions. Chris, who was once noted to have also worked for Kojima Production, will be recruited as one of the important staff at Microsoft’s new studio called The Initiative. The news has been echoed directly through the results of the biodata update on his LinkedIn account stating that Chris has now officially dedicated himself to Microsoft.

Hopefully this can be a brighter sign for the survival of Microsoft in the world of the video game industry?

The Most Incredible Player In Dota 2 History

The International is the most biggest competition of DOTA 2 in the world. The prize pool is amazing, can you imagine what you can buy with 23 million USD ? That’s why many players and team do their best to win this competition.

Back in time, in 2017 there is most populer player in The International 2017. Liquid become a winner in the last The International. There is many pro team who participating this competition, like LGD, VP, Liquid and many more. So, this is 3 top player in the world who joining The International 2018.

Number one is Roman Kushnarev – RAMZES666 – Virtus.Pro

RAMZES666 is the most pro carry player in the world. He have unbelieved year back in time. Remember how LGD almost lose when fought them in DAC Championship 2018 ? It’s because of RAMZES666 ! His lifestealer gameplay is devastating with powerfull support teammates and mid laner. Maybe this year Virtus.Pro can win TI8.

Number two is Amer al-Barqawi – Miracle – Liquid

Same as RAMZES666, who don’t know about his skill ? His “god hand” on playing Shadowfiend and Juggernaut is absolutely good. His succesfull hero is Anti Mage. His performance on TI competition is the reason for Liquid to success, no doubt about it !

Number three is Damien Chok – Kpii – Newbee

His gameplay is more like to MinD_ContRoL” from Liquid team. His consistency on playing is very good and can be learn by the other. Even he’s underrated player, but all profesional team in Dota 2 must aware of his skill.

Only 28% Succes Finishing Resident Evil II Remake Demo

The long wait will soon be paid off, soon the gamers will soon be able to reminisce with a variety of qualities that are far more mesmerizing through Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now it’s just a matter of a few days away for fans to be able to enjoy Capcom’s ambitious remake, which is also predicted to be presenting a far more amazing experience than the original title.

Welcoming the date of its close release, a few moments ago Capcom has launched a new trailer that looks unique. In the trailer you are required to make the choice to continue the video, of course it looks similar to the game choice matters gameplay.

The nostalgic horror game from Capcom, Resident Evil 2 Remake, will be released at the end of January 2019. But the players who can’t wait to play it or just want to try how the fun of the game can already taste the demo version. A demo version titled BIOHAZARD RE: 2 The “1-Shot Demo” can be played for free by PC users via steam. The game itself will be pegged at a price of 500 thousand rupiah.

In the demo version, there are many players who want to know the excitement of the game remake. The trial shows how cool visuals, audio, and gameplay from Resident Evil 2 remake. As many as more than 1.6 million players play the game.

At least the players who succeeded in completing the demo game are likely because they were only given a short time to complete it, the game that seemed too scary, or the players were more busy admiring the results of the remake.

We’ll see if later the Resident Evil 2 Remake will get enthusiastic like the demo version and defeat the jaul version of Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 Remake itself is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Fortnite Finally Adding Heavy Shotgun On PS4, Xbox and PC

FYI, Fortnite Battle Royale finally adding a new weapon, Heavy Shotgun. This new gun only availabe for PS4, Xbox and PC. Luckily there is no additional download required to using this new gun, not only that, all server will still online, no downtime and you can play like usually.

Fortnite also want to adding Falme Grill Floor Trap, but till now, it’s not precisely announced when this item will be available. But Fortnite team said that this item will be available soon, very soon.

Last week Fortnite already doing the big patch, update 3.3 In this update, they added remote explosive. With this item, you can plant some bomb and detonate it whenever you want, sounds cool right ? But you must know, you only can plant 4 bomb at the time, no more.

How you can get the remote explosive gun ? You can found it inside the treasure chest or supply drops. In update 3.3, there is one new box called supply llamas, you also can get this gun from this supply llamas. It’s also come with many good supply to help you survive the battle.

Fortnite also launched on iOS and Android, but you need a highly specification of your mobile phone to play this game.

Square-Enix Describe New Features In Left Alive Online

After yesterday being tempted by online features by Front Mission’s spinoff game director, Left Alive, Nabeshima Toshifumi, many fans thought that the feature was multiplayer, but it didn’t seem at all after they firmly answered. Then, what are the features like?

Reported by Twinfinite, the Left Alive online feature is a feature similar to the Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 features. Where you will be able to find out where the player dies by turning on the Heat Map Display. Uniquely, besides showing where other players die, you can also take items from their corpses to get rare objects.

In addition to this, Square-Enix also announces New Game + which allows you to play back the game from the start with the levels and abilities that you have increased in the previous playthrough.

Left Alive will be released February 28 in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PC, while the English version will be released on March 5, 2019 on the same platform. You can read more news about it through their official.

Celebrate 500 Million Sold PlayStation Units, Sony Release PS4 Special Edition

In 1994, for the first time sony released the first generation of Playstation, its been 24 years till now and Sony already sold around 500 million unit of Playstation, including PSP and PS Vita.

For celebrating that moment, Sony release the newest edition of PS4, it’s limited edition ! Cool right ? Sony only made 50.000 unit for PS4 Special Edition, it’s mean it will be a rare item and can be a collector item later.

PS4 Special Edition wrapped in transparant blue colour casing including the joystick. If you compared with the old one, PS4 Special Edition look more cool than the old one.

PS4 Special Edition come with Dual Shock 4 with same colour, Playstation Camera, Vertical Stand and Mono Headset. With this things, your gaming experience can be more fun !

To support the gaming experience, PS4 Special Edition come with 2TB Harddisk with copper material serial number. In the serial number at the body, you can see the historical date, like 09995 ( 9 Sept 1995, released date of the first generation Playstation ).

So, how much you must pay to get this cool gaming console ? Sony sets a price for USD 499.99 for PS4 Special Edition. If you only want Dual Shock 4, Sony will sell it separately in September 2018. Will you buy this gaming console ?


Petition For Kimi Hime Negatif Content In Youtube

It is very difficult to believe if in 2019 there are gamers who do not know who Kimi Hime is, considered too sensual Kimi Hime indeed often attracts a lot of attention, especially for boys. Even though she has Subscribers that are not small on her YouTube Channel, she still does not guarantee that she will not be hated. On January 12, 2018 around 18 hours ago, an account named Arik Setiawan just released an online Petition on that protested Kimi Hime’s content.

Reasons for the petition? reported from his campaign page on Arik Setiawan admitted that he did this in order to protect the younger generation who could freely consume content on the Youtube Channel Kimi Hime.

The Online Petition indeed clearly asked Kimi Hime to “Erase Negative Content on the YouTube Channel”. And these demands were sent to Youtube Indonesia Alone, insofar as this writing was made there were more than 15 thousand people who signed this agreement, and the petition still seemed to continue to steal a lot of individual sympathy.

Because until now we haven’t seen the age restrictions on Kimie Hime’s Vidieo content, of course there are many other factors that affect such tags that she uses and the context of the video itself. But as long as Youtube has not put an age limit on Kimi Hime’s Youtube content, it can be ascertained that Youtube considers this reasonable.

PUBG Will Colaborating With Resident Evil ?

It is undeniable that PUBG is the pioneer of the genre of battle royale which inspired many other battle royale games. After the success of the PC version, PUBG Corp & Tencent worked together to bring PUBG into the mobile domain, and the results? the success is increasingly “crazy”.

As we know, PUBG is survival battle royale game which is very popular right now. Can you imagine if the best battle royale game colaborate with the most sucessfull franchise of survival horror game, Resident Evil ? It will be an awesome colaborate right ?

Try giving surprise fans, through the PMSC 2018 stage, Tencent officially announced that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with an ambitious remake project from Capcom – Resident Evil 2 Remake.

For now Tencent still hasn’t given more details regarding this collaboration, but they promised to immediately announce the full content & details that will be presented. Most likely this collaboration will present cosmetics that will change the appearance of characters to be like Leon & Claire, and the possibility will also present a zombie mode like PUBG PC.

While for the Resident Evil 2 Remake game, the plan will be released on January 25, 2019, for PC, PlayStation, & Xbox One. What would the collaboration of PUBG Mobile & Resident Evil 2 Remake be like? we just wait.

Million Player Has Banned By Valve Recorded in a Month

Yesterday, 2018 marked a very important history for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive or commonly abbreviated as CSGO. Where surprisingly, the legendary multiplayer FPS game made by Valve officially follows 2 of its sibling games such as DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 as games that you can play for free, aka Free to Play. Not only that, they also added a new content that allows you to enjoy an experience with a royale through the Danger Zone mode.

However, there must still be a kind of risk or obstacle that Valve would not want to face for the steps they have chosen. Besides having to deal with a variety of negative reviews posted by players who were dissatisfied, Gaben’s beloved developer also seemed to be preoccupied with the emergence of many cheater-cheers as soon as possible they should be conditioned.

Reporting from a Twitter account, an observer or CSGO expert, namely Norway, he just discovered an interesting graph that shows the severity of the number of cheat users in December. Where Valve was noted to have eradicated more than 600 thousand (exactly 609,373) account cheaters who were not responsible through the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC Ban) line.

Very much in contrast to the number of tires that Valve has lowered in November back, this half million more figure is assumed to come from many cheaters-cheaters in CSGO games. Because last December was arguably the month that confirmed the beginning of the CSGO announcement as a Free to Play game. Remarkably, the 600 thousand figure is also the biggest blocking record that Valve can do in one month.

Hopefully, behind their enthusiasm in banning tiered cheaters, Valve can also take the initiative in renewing anti-cheat handling systems that are far more efficacious in this 2019.

The Good Thing From Red Dead Redemption 2

A few weeks ago Rockstar Games released their latest game that has been much anticipated. Yes, the game is Red Dead Redemption 2 which is plotted as the prequel of the first Red Dead Redemption.

After being released, gamers warmly welcomed the game that has been awaited for five years. Various outstanding reviews were raised about the game. This time will discuss about some of the things that make Red Dead Redemption 2 the best open world game.

In other open world games, travel can be less fun and even annoying. Travel usually has a high repetitive element such as most open world games that only really make us walk from A to B without something in the middle of our journey.

Before the appearance of Red Dead Redemption 2, only The Witcher 3 made me personally enjoy the trip. But fortunately Rockstar Games completed this homework quite well and as we have felt together, the trip in Red Dead Redemption 2 was very interesting. Even some people on the PlayStation forum said that the fast travel feature is very rarely used.

In the middle of this trip you can feel the dialogue that makes the story feel more complete and not only that, you also often meet side missions that appear randomly. Here we can stop first to complete the mission while refreshing the mind. Not only that, the condition of the horses that we ride really must be maintained quality.

Down the slippery road carelessly will make the horse feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the horse’s food we must pay close attention to so that the horse we use does not hurt. The number of extraordinary elements in the journey that we went through made this game have a higher standard than other open world games.

With a more complex journey, moving from A to B certainly won’t make you feel bored. Right right? Especially if the journey that we are going through really makes the story more memorable.

Review: Haki The Lost Treasure!

It seems that the popularity of the manga / anime by Eiichiro Oda really makes game developers vying to present their own version of One Piece games. After in 2018 you were presented with the 3 newest One Piece games on the mobile platform including One Piece Nautical King Gulid and One Piece Bounty Rush, this time you are presented with an RPG game titled Haki: The Lost Treasure. For those of you who want to play a game one can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

Like other manga and anime adaptation games, the Lost Treasure Haki game itself will present various stories and iconic events in the series. The story in this game itself starts after the “The Battle of Marinford” arc where you will begin your adventure after the death of Ace and Whitebread.

At the beginning of the game itself you will be given the freedom to choose your own character, which consists of Luffy, Zorro, and Nami, where the three characters have different roles and types of expertise. In gameplay itself this game will use a turn-based system that will run automatically, therefore the character level and grinding will have an important role in this game. To get his own character, you can go through Gacha or complete the mission.

Surely this Haki The Lost Treasure game must be played for you big fans of One Piece, even though this game offers auto battle mode, but this game has the advantage of full voice characters and interesting cutscenes throughout the game.

Bright Memory – Promising New FPS Game

Bright Memory is an ambitious project from the developer himself – Zeng Xiancheng. Although with limited funds, time and only developed alone (except for voice acting), the game so far still looks promising in the visual and gameplay aspects. After initially predicted to be released in 2021, this solo developer decided to release this game through early access, where the first episode will be released on January 12, 2019 later.

From the gameplay shown so far, the game looks like a combination of Shadow Warrior (2013) but with a combo system that encourages players to be more aggressive in playing.

This first episode is expected to be very short and far from the developer’s first vision. He will continue to add features ranging from more weapons, photo mode, enemy execution mechanics, more movement skills, and several other features. Developers hope to add all the main content to the game before 2019 ends.



OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: i5-3470 INTEL or AMD Equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7770
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space


OS: Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
Processor: i7-4790K INTEL or AMD Equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space