The Wolves Fear, The New Battle Royale Game Officially Released Early February On Steam

Battle royale genre seems to be the main attraction for game developers in the world. Given the success of Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, it is capable of having more than 2 million fixed online players every day. Uniquely the PUBG did it all in just one year since its release.

Finally, video game developers are competing to make battle royale games and try to match the achievement of PUBG. One of them is the developer of the Wolves Fear, Vostok Games. They tried to make a game with the genre of battle royale but with a different look.

In the Wolves Fear game the players not only survive against other players, the red zone, or just the blue zone as in the PUBG. But they also have to deal with mutants, wild animals, radiation, weather, frightening anomalies, and of course other players.

The graphics themselves also impressed extraordinary. With a display like the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game, the players feel at home playing the game. The Wolves Fear itself has actually been present in steam since August 2018 yesterday in the form of early access. While the official release will only be held on February 6 at a price of 170,000 in steam.