Steam is ready to pay for hackers who can find cracks in the system

Steam is ready to pay for hackers who can find cracks in the system

Steam is a platform that collects various types of games that we can play only through one application. Games available in the Steam application are paid and some are free. Many game developers today are marketing their games via Steam.

As we know, there is so much Steam users in the world. Steam itself is a product issued by Valve. Lately, there have been many dirty actions by hackers to try to break into their security systems. Seeing this, Valve is ready to pay the funds that are not small for hackers who can indeed find a gap to cheat in the Steam application.

Valve has provided payment for anyone who can find the gap, for content that has a low risk, they are ready to pay 200 USD, while for a high risk they are ready to pay up to 2000 USD. This value is not a fixed value, the riskier a gap is, the more money will be paid.

Gabe Newell, or familiarly called Lord Gaben, has issued 109,000 USD for HackerOne. HackerOne is a hacker community that aims to find a gap in a security system. They consist of pro hackers who are very adept at breaking down a security device.

Valve seems to be very serious in eradicating hackers, they also ask hackers to find loopholes in one of their mobile application systems, Steam Mobile.

The action from Valve seems success, as evidenced from time to time, the security that Steam has continued to increase. Steam is already well known for its speed in handling every problem, from bugs to hacker problems like what is currently being worked on.

PUBG New Map : Dihor Otok

The latest map for PUBG finally leaked. The latest PUBG map named Dihor Otok. This latest map shows a snowy and white area, in contrast to the previous map which takes the theme of the wilderness.

In this latest update, PUBG also added several new features such as a new weapon called a flare gun that can be used to drop airdrop. In addition, new vehicles will also be present on this map.

Dihor Otok is a very suitable map for playing AWP type weapons. There are lots of sniping positions, so for players who are skilled at playing AWP, this one map will be the best map for you.

Dihor Otok also has many high mountains which can be used as sniping points. Not only that, you can also explore, there are many buildings that can be explored.

Cool again, you will find a C4 bomb on this map. PUBG Corp also decided to add claymore in the game. Exclaims, isn’t it?

The building in this latest map will use medieval style. The combination of snowy environment with medieval buildings will certainly add excitement in playing PUBG.

Are you ready to fight on the Dihor Otok map? Prepare your weapons and ammunition and reach the Chicken Dinner on this latest map!

Heroes In Mobile Legends Who Look Familiar With Dota 2

Mobile Legends games are often referred to as plagiarism games, this is because many of the heroes in Mobile Legends imitate the heroes from other games, for example, Dota. Here are some Mobile Legends heroes that are similar to the heroes in Dota.

Franco has a form like a big and fat Viking clan. He has a weapon like a hammer and carrying a hook. The skill possessed by Franco is very effective for ganking. But behind Franco’s popularity, it turns out that this one hero is imitating the hero that is Dota 2, Pudge. Pudge also has the same interesting skill as Franco. Not to mention the similarity between Franco’s ultimate skill which is very identical to Pudge’s “Fresh Meat” or “Dismember”.

Balmond is a fighter that is usually played as a tank. He has very effective skills to eliminate the opponent’s minions. With the ultimate skill, Balmond can end opponents who have little HP. Balmond is also very similar to Axe, a hero in Dota2. Both of these heroes are both from the orcs and carry large axe weapons. Axe also has spinning and ultimate skills which are very identical to Balmond.

Alice is a mage hero who has a high level of durability. But this one hero is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 named Akasha or Queen of Pain. It’s just that the skills possessed are different, the similarity lies only in the form.

As with Alice, Miya is also a hero who is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 called Drow Ranger. The difference is that Miya is from an elf nation while Drow Ranger is from a dark elf nation. Miya and Drow Ranger similarity lies in the ability to shoot and its shape.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Released In PS4, XBOX One And Switch With HD Graphic

As we know, Final Fantasy XV has been released with chibi graphic for mobile, but now, this version also released in PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch with some improvement, specially in graphic.

Final Fantasy is the most legendary series from Square Enix. This game made in one decade ( back in time, this game want to be released for PS 3 ). In last March 2018, this game finally anounced for PS4 and XBOX One.

So, how about the pocket edition of Final Fantasy XV ? For pocket edition, the graphic is more chibi, so it can be played so well in mobile devices. There is more than 10 chapter in pocket edition for free, but for the complete version, you need to pay some money for it.

Near soon, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will come to PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch with HD graphic. It’s a little bit confusing, this game was made for mobile, and now they made it for PS4, XBOX and Switch, how it can be ?

There is no different between mobile version with HD version. The only one which is make this game different only in the graphic, the other is still same. For mobile version, you can start for free but you need to pay if want to play the next chapter, but for the HD version, you need to pay first and then you can play the full chapter.

New Hero From AOV Leaked !

After Drivers, Yena and Enzo, it seems that AOV has not stopped releasing new heroes, which of course will be present for some time to come, it can take a long time, it seems that there are no clear leaks about when these heroes will be released soon, after 3 names We mentioned above, Tencent’s Arena of Valor has prepared another additional name that will accompany you in the Horizon Valley in 2019, maybe.

She is Brawler, there is no additional information about the clarity of this one hero, but again such leaks have been circulating on the Internet thanks to the Test Server feature provided by Tencent.

If we look at the existing appearance and symbol, with the symbol the Sword of a hero like this usually has a Warrior Class, but it is not clear whether it will occupy a Warrior / Tank or Warrior / Assassin role. This hero also has the ability to attack melee or melee attack. So yes, you can imagine that based on the leaked video revealed by Kurohiko .

In terms of the obvious appearance it will not be less adorable with Yena, of course, with this rather shaky gesture we will later be sure to be favored and loved by AOV players wherever they are.

Still from the human race, it seems that Tencent is still pursuing and likes to make and release heroes from the human race, the reason? because it’s cool? or more accepted in the micro market transaction? oops!

The Most Terrible Things In Games That Make You Shiver

The true game is a medium for us to have fun, but what happens if the game we play actually makes us afraid until it’s hard to sleep? Here are some scenes in the game that can make you shiver in fear.

1. Silent Hill P.T – Talking Fetus

Hideo Kojima’s stalled project is indeed very unfortunate. In this game trailer that we can play, we can feel all the elements of horror that exist, ranging from music, place, atmosphere, details to existing creatures capable of making us shudder in horror. One of the most disgusting and horrible parts is The Talking Fetus, where you will find a strange fetus that moves and speaks in a sink.

2. Max Payne – Max Payne hallucinations

How can action games make you scared? Maybe that’s what you have in mind right now. But there is one scene in this game that can make you shudder in horror. That was when Max Payne hallucinated. In this imagination, you will explore the repeated winding streets. Not only that, you can also hear disturbing strange sounds and baby cries that are very disturbing to ears. Here you can also get a scene where Max Payne’s wife and child are suffering.

3. The Evil Within – vs. Laura

This scene will certainly not be forgotten. How can you forget, in this scene, you are required to kill Laura, one of the monsters that runs like Sadako. The difference is, Laura walks in a giant iron cage and crawling. The form is also far more terrible than Sadako. The only way to kill him is to use firearms. But don’t expect this to be easy because Laura moves very fast. Not to mention the awful atmosphere of the place plus the silhouettes of surrounding objects exposed to light reflection adds to the horror of this scene.

4. Outlast Whistleblower’s – The Groom

Outlast horror games are already very well known for their horrific scene. Here you have to run and hide from a ferocious creature who likes to kill humans. Don’t think this game only presents scenes that make us surprised, here besides that you can also find the number of human corpses hanging and lying in positions already cut into pieces. If you are a coward, it’s better to stay away from this one game.

Know More About Knight Davion A.K.A Dragon Knight

Knight Davion or Dragon Knight is melee STR hero who really strong in mid to late game. He have a powerful regeneration and armor. Knight Davion usually play in mid lane because he has a good harassing skill and hard to die. There is two type of Dragon Knight, tank type and attack type, you can choose which style is best for you.

To controling lane and farming, Dragon Knight have Breathe Fire skill. With this skill, Dragon Knight will unleash the dragon power and burst enemy down with fire. Every enemy hitted by this skill will gain reduce attack power. This skill is very good for farming because have a high damage and low cooldown.

For ganking or chasing enemy, Dragon Knight will use his Dragon Tail. The damage inflicted is kinda small, but the stun duration is very long. When in Elder Dragon From, the cast range of this skill will increases to 400.

As a dragon, Dragon Knight have a though skin. His Dragon Blood giving extra armor and regeneration bonus. With this skill Dragon Knight will be very hard to die.

The ultimate skill of Dragon Knight is Elder Dragon Form. When activated, Dragon Knight will turn into a strong dragon who have range attack and special ability. For level 1, Dragon Knight will have poison attack, for level 2 Dragon Knight will have splash and burn attack and for level 3 Dragon knight will have slow, splash and burn attack.

CAPCOM preparing Onimusha: Warlods Remaster

For those of you who have ps2 maybe a little bit familiar with Onimusha: Warlords game, right ? This game is one of the most popular game in Playstation 2. Back in time, the game won sales of approximately two million copies around the world. For you who is fans of this game, you need to be happy, why ? Because CAPCOM now is preparing Onimuisha: Warlods Remaster.

This game told about a samurai named Samanosuke Akechi and Kaede the ninja. They have a important mission to save Princess Yuki. The princess is taken by a demon army, so they need to rescue her from the evil hand.

Because this is remaster version, CAPCOM put a little improvisation, like puzzle or side story which can be played by gamers. CAPCOM also improving the graphic and the battle system. Another unique features is screen scroll mode, so you can play in rasio 16:9.

If you newbie in this game, you can play in easy mode, but if you already master at this game, you can choose another difficulty. This game is fun to play, so if you want to feel nostalgic, you should play this game. Dare to play remastered version of Onimusha: Warlods ? Let’s nostalgic together with this game.

Alan Wake’s Sequel Will Not Be Present in the Short Time

If you are a Trhiller physicological fan, you should be familiar with one of Alan Wake’s game titles. This game, adapted from a novel of the same name, seems to be quite well received by its fans, offering an experience with an atmosphere filled with darkness and the terror of creatures in the game, surely making fans curious and tense when playing.

Remedy, who is the developer behind the game title, is currently preparing for his new game titled Control, which has also revealed its official release date. Looking back to 2015, the co-founder and author of Remedy, Sam Lake, mentioned that Alan Wake 2, which was done for Microsoft, was actually done with a piece of mood and finally released another game called Quantum Break.

Actually Lake himself hopes that with the sequel, but requires not a little time to determine what the sequel will be like and hopefully the sequel will be far more exciting than before. But he was still silent about the continuation of Alan Wake and only revealed “so that time will answer”.

Three years later, Alan Wake fans seemed to be waiting for the sequel, but on the sidelines of the PAX East title, Remedy actually broke the hopes of its fans, where the announcement of Alan Wake itself would be at least in a few years.

To make his fans a little more calm, Thomas Puha as Director of Communication from Remedy revealed that his studio had been working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and that it still hasn’t succeeded now they are preparing more in the next few years, he told V24 gaming media / 7.

Basically Remedy still has an IP in the form of assets and some things related to Alan Wake are just how they mix and do it. That is still not enough because it requires extraordinary time and effort so that the results are truly up to or even more than the expectations of their fans. So if you are one of Alan Wake’s fans and the sequel, please be patient for the next few years.

Best Player In PES 2019, From Defender Untill Striker

Pro Evolution Soccer ( PES ) 2019 will be release in 30 August 2018. In this year, Konami is not cooperating with UEFA anymore, so the effect is they don’t have the licence for Champions League.

Konami improving the graphic so dramatically. Konami made it so realistic so the player can feel like playing in real football match. You also can nostalgic with Adriano, the football legends !

Like before, Konami also made a new statistic of the player. In the last version, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player, but how about in PES 2019 ? No one know ! And this is the best player in PES 2019.

For defender, the best player is Ramos, Hummels, Marcelo, Pique and Van Dijk. They have higher score for defender, 87+ point.

For midfieldfer, we can see De Bruyne, Kroos, Modric, Kante and Silva. They have higher score for midfielder, 87+ point.

For striker, there is Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Salah and Griezman. They have higher score for striker, 90+ point. Messi and Ronaldo still be the best striker in PES 2019 with 94 point, and Nemay took the second place with 93 point.

A little bit shocked, Mohamed Salah from Liverpool also be the best striker. If we see his performance with Liverpool, we think he fit to be the best player in PES 2019.

Sumire Kanzaki Will Reappear in the Newest Sakura Wars Game

Some time ago, SEGA has surprisingly announced that the Sakura Wars franchise has come to life through the emergence of a trailer that is truly dedicated to the newest game series. By also appearing the song Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan in the middle to the end of the trailer, many fans have finally been able to return to nostalgia in enjoying the versatility of the series.

And even now, suddenly an interesting thing has been discovered that seems to always accompany the existence of the game that is still Sega “calling” for the moment with the name Sakura Wars Project.

Assuming that all of you may have enough security or at least watched once the trailer trailer above, do you know if SEGA seems intent on presenting the old Sakura Wars character there?

In the right corner of the appendix above, you can see a complete wall pamphlet with Japanese kanji in it. In the leftmost column from top to bottom, the starch reads: “Kanzaki Sumire, as General Manager”.

Sumire Kanzaki himself is one of the main female characters who had appeared in the early series of the Sakura Wars game. She is known as a figure of a woman who is slightly arrogant and comes from a rich man’s child. While the top 5 letters are also read as “Imperial Opera Troupe” which seems to be the name of the location or headquarters of the majority of heroines in the new Sakura Wars game.