The Most Terrible Things In Games That Make You Shiver

The Most Terrible Things In Games That Make You Shiver

The true game is a medium for us to have fun, but what happens if the game we play actually makes us afraid until it’s hard to sleep? Here are some scenes in the game that can make you shiver in fear.

1. Silent Hill P.T – Talking Fetus

Hideo Kojima’s stalled project is indeed very unfortunate. In this game trailer that we can play, we can feel all the elements of horror that exist, ranging from music, place, atmosphere, details to existing creatures capable of making us shudder in horror. One of the most disgusting and horrible parts is The Talking Fetus, where you will find a strange fetus that moves and speaks in a sink.

2. Max Payne – Max Payne hallucinations

How can action games make you scared? Maybe that’s what you have in mind right now. But there is one scene in this game that can make you shudder in horror. That was when Max Payne hallucinated. In this imagination, you will explore the repeated winding streets. Not only that, you can also hear disturbing strange sounds and baby cries that are very disturbing to ears. Here you can also get a scene where Max Payne’s wife and child are suffering.

3. The Evil Within – vs. Laura

This scene will certainly not be forgotten. How can you forget, in this scene, you are required to kill Laura, one of the monsters that runs like Sadako. The difference is, Laura walks in a giant iron cage and crawling. The form is also far more terrible than Sadako. The only way to kill him is to use firearms. But don’t expect this to be easy because Laura moves very fast. Not to mention the awful atmosphere of the place plus the silhouettes of surrounding objects exposed to light reflection adds to the horror of this scene.

4. Outlast Whistleblower’s – The Groom

Outlast horror games are already very well known for their horrific scene. Here you have to run and hide from a ferocious creature who likes to kill humans. Don’t think this game only presents scenes that make us surprised, here besides that you can also find the number of human corpses hanging and lying in positions already cut into pieces. If you are a coward, it’s better to stay away from this one game.