PUBG New Map : Dihor Otok

PUBG New Map : Dihor Otok

The latest map for PUBG finally leaked. The latest PUBG map named Dihor Otok. This latest map shows a snowy and white area, in contrast to the previous map which takes the theme of the wilderness.

In this latest update, PUBG also added several new features such as a new weapon called a flare gun that can be used to drop airdrop. In addition, new vehicles will also be present on this map.

Dihor Otok is a very suitable map for playing AWP type weapons. There are lots of sniping positions, so for players who are skilled at playing AWP, this one map will be the best map for you.

Dihor Otok also has many high mountains which can be used as sniping points. Not only that, you can also explore, there are many buildings that can be explored.

Cool again, you will find a C4 bomb on this map. PUBG Corp also decided to add claymore in the game. Exclaims, isn’t it?

The building in this latest map will use medieval style. The combination of snowy environment with medieval buildings will certainly add excitement in playing PUBG.

Are you ready to fight on the Dihor Otok map? Prepare your weapons and ammunition and reach the Chicken Dinner on this latest map!