Sumire Kanzaki Will Reappear in the Newest Sakura Wars Game

Sumire Kanzaki Will Reappear in the Newest Sakura Wars Game

Some time ago, SEGA has surprisingly announced that the Sakura Wars franchise has come to life through the emergence of a trailer that is truly dedicated to the newest game series. By also appearing the song Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan in the middle to the end of the trailer, many fans have finally been able to return to nostalgia in enjoying the versatility of the series.

And even now, suddenly an interesting thing has been discovered that seems to always accompany the existence of the game that is still Sega “calling” for the moment with the name Sakura Wars Project.

Assuming that all of you may have enough security or at least watched once the trailer trailer above, do you know if SEGA seems intent on presenting the old Sakura Wars character there?

In the right corner of the appendix above, you can see a complete wall pamphlet with Japanese kanji in it. In the leftmost column from top to bottom, the starch reads: “Kanzaki Sumire, as General Manager”.

Sumire Kanzaki himself is one of the main female characters who had appeared in the early series of the Sakura Wars game. She is known as a figure of a woman who is slightly arrogant and comes from a rich man’s child. While the top 5 letters are also read as “Imperial Opera Troupe” which seems to be the name of the location or headquarters of the majority of heroines in the new Sakura Wars game.