Alan Wake’s Sequel Will Not Be Present in the Short Time

Alan Wake's Sequel Will Not Be Present in the Short Time

If you are a Trhiller physicological fan, you should be familiar with one of Alan Wake’s game titles. This game, adapted from a novel of the same name, seems to be quite well received by its fans, offering an experience with an atmosphere filled with darkness and the terror of creatures in the game, surely making fans curious and tense when playing.

Remedy, who is the developer behind the game title, is currently preparing for his new game titled Control, which has also revealed its official release date. Looking back to 2015, the co-founder and author of Remedy, Sam Lake, mentioned that Alan Wake 2, which was done for Microsoft, was actually done with a piece of mood and finally released another game called Quantum Break.

Actually Lake himself hopes that with the sequel, but requires not a little time to determine what the sequel will be like and hopefully the sequel will be far more exciting than before. But he was still silent about the continuation of Alan Wake and only revealed “so that time will answer”.

Three years later, Alan Wake fans seemed to be waiting for the sequel, but on the sidelines of the PAX East title, Remedy actually broke the hopes of its fans, where the announcement of Alan Wake itself would be at least in a few years.

To make his fans a little more calm, Thomas Puha as Director of Communication from Remedy revealed that his studio had been working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and that it still hasn’t succeeded now they are preparing more in the next few years, he told V24 gaming media / 7.

Basically Remedy still has an IP in the form of assets and some things related to Alan Wake are just how they mix and do it. That is still not enough because it requires extraordinary time and effort so that the results are truly up to or even more than the expectations of their fans. So if you are one of Alan Wake’s fans and the sequel, please be patient for the next few years.