Know More About Knight Davion A.K.A Dragon Knight

Know More About Knight Davion A.K.A Dragon Knight

Knight Davion or Dragon Knight is melee STR hero who really strong in mid to late game. He have a powerful regeneration and armor. Knight Davion usually play in mid lane because he has a good harassing skill and hard to die. There is two type of Dragon Knight, tank type and attack type, you can choose which style is best for you.

To controling lane and farming, Dragon Knight have Breathe Fire skill. With this skill, Dragon Knight will unleash the dragon power and burst enemy down with fire. Every enemy hitted by this skill will gain reduce attack power. This skill is very good for farming because have a high damage and low cooldown.

For ganking or chasing enemy, Dragon Knight will use his Dragon Tail. The damage inflicted is kinda small, but the stun duration is very long. When in Elder Dragon From, the cast range of this skill will increases to 400.

As a dragon, Dragon Knight have a though skin. His Dragon Blood giving extra armor and regeneration bonus. With this skill Dragon Knight will be very hard to die.

The ultimate skill of Dragon Knight is Elder Dragon Form. When activated, Dragon Knight will turn into a strong dragon who have range attack and special ability. For level 1, Dragon Knight will have poison attack, for level 2 Dragon Knight will have splash and burn attack and for level 3 Dragon knight will have slow, splash and burn attack.