Steam is ready to pay for hackers who can find cracks in the system

Steam is a platform that collects various types of games that we can play only through one application. Games available in the Steam application are paid and some are free. Many game developers today are marketing their games via Steam.

As we know, there is so much Steam users in the world. Steam itself is a product issued by Valve. Lately, there have been many dirty actions by hackers to try to break into their security systems. Seeing this, Valve is ready to pay the funds that are not small for hackers who can indeed find a gap to cheat in the Steam application.

Valve has provided payment for anyone who can find the gap, for content that has a low risk, they are ready to pay 200 USD, while for a high risk they are ready to pay up to 2000 USD. This value is not a fixed value, the riskier a gap is, the more money will be paid.

Gabe Newell, or familiarly called Lord Gaben, has issued 109,000 USD for HackerOne. HackerOne is a hacker community that aims to find a gap in a security system. They consist of pro hackers who are very adept at breaking down a security device.

Valve seems to be very serious in eradicating hackers, they also ask hackers to find loopholes in one of their mobile application systems, Steam Mobile.

The action from Valve seems success, as evidenced from time to time, the security that Steam has continued to increase. Steam is already well known for its speed in handling every problem, from bugs to hacker problems like what is currently being worked on.