Heroes In Mobile Legends Who Look Familiar With Dota 2

Mobile Legends games are often referred to as plagiarism games, this is because many of the heroes in Mobile Legends imitate the heroes from other games, for example, Dota. Here are some Mobile Legends heroes that are similar to the heroes in Dota.

Franco has a form like a big and fat Viking clan. He has a weapon like a hammer and carrying a hook. The skill possessed by Franco is very effective for ganking. But behind Franco’s popularity, it turns out that this one hero is imitating the hero that is Dota 2, Pudge. Pudge also has the same interesting skill as Franco. Not to mention the similarity between Franco’s ultimate skill which is very identical to Pudge’s “Fresh Meat” or “Dismember”.

Balmond is a fighter that is usually played as a tank. He has very effective skills to eliminate the opponent’s minions. With the ultimate skill, Balmond can end opponents who have little HP. Balmond is also very similar to Axe, a hero in Dota2. Both of these heroes are both from the orcs and carry large axe weapons. Axe also has spinning and ultimate skills which are very identical to Balmond.

Alice is a mage hero who has a high level of durability. But this one hero is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 named Akasha or Queen of Pain. It’s just that the skills possessed are different, the similarity lies only in the form.

As with Alice, Miya is also a hero who is very similar to the hero in Dota 2 called Drow Ranger. The difference is that Miya is from an elf nation while Drow Ranger is from a dark elf nation. Miya and Drow Ranger similarity lies in the ability to shoot and its shape.