Anything You Need To Know About Lina Inverse

In DOTA 2 game, there is one most popular hero called Lina Inverse. Lina is INT attribute hero with ranged type attack. She also called Queen of Flame and be the most successfull hero from Dendi. As you know, Dendi is the most iconic DOTA 2 Pro player in the world back in time.

Lina Inverse is suitable to play as a carry, middle laner or a support. Her capability of nuking enemy heroes is very scary. Not only that, she also good at roam.

With Dragon Slave skill, Lina can take down creeps so easyly. This skill has a very low cooldown and fast skill animation. With this skill, Lina also can kill steal from her teammates. Fun right ?

As a ganker, Lina also can stun the enemy with Light Strike Array Skill. Her second skill is very good at disabling enemy hero movement for 2 second. It a little bit hard to use, so if you are newbie on this hero, you can build Eul Scepter for better aim for her second skill.

Fiery Fire give Lina more movement speed and attack speed after using a skill. It can be stack 3 times. With this skill, Lina can become a deadly killer and subtituting Carry job.

For finishing her enemy, Lina will use her ultimate skill, Laguna Blade. Lina will call an electric beam and smash the enemy. This skill have very high damage so Lina can take down enemy hero very fast.