The Senior Designer God of War Officially Crossed to the Microsoft Studio

Microsoft is now starting to increasingly want to assert itself as Sony’s toughest competitor in producing rows of exclusive games with high graphic quality. The form of business they do is really not playing games. Almost all layers of talented indie developers have succeeded in recruiting and trusting as part of developers affiliated with first party. Names like Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and Compulsion Games are examples of secret ammunition that Microsoft has prepared to bring in 2019.

Most interestingly, the existence of these potential developers in fact is still felt not enough for Microsoft. Because recently, they have again carried out strategic ties to strengthen their performance in creating a game that is definitely labeled more than AAA.

However, what Microsoft has just recruited this time is not a group of developers, but one of the key figures who has contributed to making the God of War PS4 game win the award as the best game version of The Game Awards in 2018 yesterday.

It’s Chris O’Neill, a senior level designer from God of War who has now decided to leave Santa Monica and Sony to help Microsoft realize their ambitions. Chris, who was once noted to have also worked for Kojima Production, will be recruited as one of the important staff at Microsoft’s new studio called The Initiative. The news has been echoed directly through the results of the biodata update on his LinkedIn account stating that Chris has now officially dedicated himself to Microsoft.

Hopefully this can be a brighter sign for the survival of Microsoft in the world of the video game industry?