Celebrate 500 Million Sold PlayStation Units, Sony Release PS4 Special Edition

In 1994, for the first time sony released the first generation of Playstation, its been 24 years till now and Sony already sold around 500 million unit of Playstation, including PSP and PS Vita.

For celebrating that moment, Sony release the newest edition of PS4, it’s limited edition ! Cool right ? Sony only made 50.000 unit for PS4 Special Edition, it’s mean it will be a rare item and can be a collector item later.

PS4 Special Edition wrapped in transparant blue colour casing including the joystick. If you compared with the old one, PS4 Special Edition look more cool than the old one.

PS4 Special Edition come with Dual Shock 4 with same colour, Playstation Camera, Vertical Stand and Mono Headset. With this things, your gaming experience can be more fun !

To support the gaming experience, PS4 Special Edition come with 2TB Harddisk with copper material serial number. In the serial number at the body, you can see the historical date, like 09995 ( 9 Sept 1995, released date of the first generation Playstation ).

So, how much you must pay to get this cool gaming console ? Sony sets a price for USD 499.99 for PS4 Special Edition. If you only want Dual Shock 4, Sony will sell it separately in September 2018. Will you buy this gaming console ?