Petition For Kimi Hime Negatif Content In Youtube

It is very difficult to believe if in 2019 there are gamers who do not know who Kimi Hime is, considered too sensual Kimi Hime indeed often attracts a lot of attention, especially for boys. Even though she has Subscribers that are not small on her YouTube Channel, she still does not guarantee that she will not be hated. On January 12, 2018 around 18 hours ago, an account named Arik Setiawan just released an online Petition on that protested Kimi Hime’s content.

Reasons for the petition? reported from his campaign page on Arik Setiawan admitted that he did this in order to protect the younger generation who could freely consume content on the Youtube Channel Kimi Hime.

The Online Petition indeed clearly asked Kimi Hime to “Erase Negative Content on the YouTube Channel”. And these demands were sent to Youtube Indonesia Alone, insofar as this writing was made there were more than 15 thousand people who signed this agreement, and the petition still seemed to continue to steal a lot of individual sympathy.

Because until now we haven’t seen the age restrictions on Kimie Hime’s Vidieo content, of course there are many other factors that affect such tags that she uses and the context of the video itself. But as long as Youtube has not put an age limit on Kimi Hime’s Youtube content, it can be ascertained that Youtube considers this reasonable.