Potato Mode In Mortal Kombat X Totally Fun !

There is one thing which is really interesting in Mortal Kombat X, it is Fatality. This is the moment when you want to knock down your enemy with cool style. In Fatality, there is bloody gore content which is really cool to watch, but how about if the graphics is set to low or we can call it potato mode ?

As we know, Mortal Kombat is the most popular game with best graphics till now. In the first series of Mortal Kombat, they using Digitized Sprite which can record the actor motion, and then they converted it to animation graphics sprite. With this script, they can make a very good motion in the game, specially for Mortal Kombat X which is new.

But there is a question, how the graphics if we set the graphics setting to low or potato mode ? Gamespot finally trying this thing. In the Potato mode, all look so horrible !

Let’s talk about the blood, in potato mode, the blood looks like a jelly, yeah, strawberry jelly ! So funny !

The second one is the organs. In high graphics settings, we can see the detail, like the brain, the bone and the other things. But in potato mode, all looks like a cute jelly, jigle jigle jigle….

The lightning also horrible. In potato mode, the lightning is dissapear, the subject and the object look so dark. So if you have a popato PC, you should not buy this game or you will be a potato too, lol ..