Cool Gaming Mouse From Razer With 7.200 DPI Censor

This time the Razer also issued a new product, namely Razer Abyssus Essential Chroma,the gaming Mouse with an RGB lamp that lights up at the bottom of the mouse. Quite unique, because most gaming mouse are produced with RGB lights that light up only on the logo. The RGB lights of the bottom of the mouse are supported by the Razer Chroma which has 16.8 million colors. This mouse has endurance or click power of up to 10 million clicks. And this mouse has a 7,200 DPI optical sensor where the sensor that the mouse has is very responsive.

The mouse from Razer is designed as a tiger grip, because the shape of the mouse is quite long. The disadvantage of this mouse is the left side of the mouse, because it doesn’t have macro buttons to go forward and backward. And this mouse also doesn’t have a DPI button.

Therefore if you want to set this mouse feature including RGB and DPI lights, we must download the software from Razer named Razer Synapse on the website or official website of Razer. In the Razer Synapse software, we can as we choose the RGB features and colors we want. We can also adjust the motion color of this mouse like a wavy color until random color, we can even determine its color with the color scale in the Razer Synapse.