CardBoard Battle Royale Style Game – Cardboard Clash

Who today does not know a NetEase game development company. Currently NetEase games dominate the Indonesian market, with Rules of Survival entering the top free game in Indonesia, the Onmyoji Arena with its well-known MOBA system, and Identity V which is the only Asymmetrical horror game that can be played on your cellphone . Apart from some of the games that are quite popular above, it turns out that there is another NetEase game that is very popular, Cardboard Clash.

Cardboard Clash is a Battle Royale game that uses unique and funny cartoonist characters. Just like other battle royale games, players will use the characters they choose. Uniquely, each character can be customized, where players can make their own characters in the game. Starting from funny, cute, cute characters to weird characters can be made in the game. Each has the ability, skill, and talent.

Cardboard Clash is a fast paced battle royale game, where 1 game will last <10 minutes. Where the arena area will get smaller every minute. You are required to fight enemies in one arena to become the number 1 winner in the game. Use various weapons, skills and so on that can be obtained in each game. Arena game will be in the form of 3D World with a different cartoonist style with other battle royale games. Interested in the game? You can download it on iOS or on your Android.