FIFA 19 Bring New Experience For Gamer

The biggest football game that we know in history which is FIFA already launched their new product which is FIFA 19. Check it out how to play a foofball game with some Battle Royale mode.

the words Battle Royale maybe is a common words for a player that plays PUBG and Fortnite game, but how can this survival mode can be apply in the simulator game such as FIFA 19 ?

As we know that FIFA 19 is reportly to make a survival mode in their news product now, but do not think this mode will be the same with the Battle Royale that you know in where you can find like a hundred player football inside the field going for one ball. it is sounds very confusing right ?

so let check it out how the play this survival mode in FIFA 19. Survival mode FIFA 19 is more to whether which teams is getting the most goal first. Like usual, you will find that is two teams in the field that play, so when each one of the team getting the goal, another team will lose one of their players. So how can they game is over ? its will happen when one of the teams lost 4 players in their behalf and leave only 7 player in their teams, in that case the other team won the game. Sounds interesting right ?

So why do not FIFA19 make this survival mode until they find one last man standing in the field and that one wins the game ? Simple, because it against the laws of Federal International Football in where stated that one teams will automaticaly lose if the player inside the field in their team reached 7 people.

That is not the only  new things that you can find out in FIFA 19. Gamers also can find out a new no rules mode in this game, in where the gamers can erase the use of the referee inside the field, so when you  active this mode, you can found out that this game will not consist of offside and any other rules anymore.

FIFA 19 will launched their product to the user of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with the 4K resolution in PS4, Xbox One and PC.