Only 1000 Player Left In LOL Season 9 In Indonesia

League of Legends from RIOT Games is an MOBA game with the most players in the world. Many players from the United States, Europe and Asia play this one game. Unfortunately in Indonesia, the demand is very small.

League of Legends or often abbreviated as LoL itself has been published from 2009. But it only entered Indonesian servers through Garena at the end of 2013. In the sixth year the Indonesian League of Legends server was increasingly left behind by the players. Even though in other Southeast Asian servers League of Legends is still in demand by MOBA PC players.

The beginning of season 9 has been started since the end of the jaunuari yesterday. The total League of Legends Indonesia players who play ranked matches are only 1,200 people to date. Of course it’s a drastic decline from the biggest MOBA game in the world.

Many old players retired from playing LoL because there were fewer events given by Garena. As well as the emergence of MOBA Mobile, which is much more salable in Indonesia, it is also a major factor in the loneliness of League of Legends players in Indonesia.

We’ll see if Garena will give a new breakthrough so that League of Legends players in Indonesia will be crowded again. Or League of Legends has officially become a dead game in Indonesia. Then, will the server and Indonesian players be left behind later?