PUBG Mobile Became The Most Downloaded Game Of The Year

PUBG Mobile became the most popular game in Android and IOS platform. They also reach 100 million download only in 4 month. Amazing right ? With this record, they also beat Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Arena of Valor.

Tencent as the developer of the game said that they reach this score only in 4 month after being released. They released this game on last March 2018. If this game available in China, Korea and Japan, the number can increase dramatically. As we know, that three country banned this game so Tencent can’t release this game in that country, sad.

PUBG Mobile is light version of PUBG for PC. This game is battle royale game. When you play this game, you will fight against 99 other player. You need to survive from dying, kill or be killed. Simple as that.

There are so many equipment you can choose when playing this game, start from weapon, helmet, ammo and many more.

“We want to say thank’s to Lightspeed and Quantum Studios as a developer. We also want to say thank’s to all player who playing this game. You all give us inspiration to giving more and more to you. Your dedication and spirit in playing this game is our pride,” said Vincent Wang as a General Manager of PUBG Mobile.