PC Games Recommendation Of The Week !

if you feel bored this week, there is a very good recommendation game from us. we knew there were a thousand game in the market, but only a few games interesting and have a good gameplay and story. So this is our recommendation.

1. We Happy Few

This game is one of the most popular indie game in the last year. For now, the developer already finish making this game. This game has a unique gameplay and so catchy for gamers. This game take place in 1960 when all people living a shitty life but forced to be happy and smile everyday.

All the people will take a medicine called Joy which can give them a happy feeling. But there is a dark secret about this medicine and you need to beat the organitation who make this pills. This survival horror game can be a good game for you to play, good story, good gameplay and creepy sounds can bring back the horror atmosphere.

2. Monster Hunter World

We think this game is a good game for you, specially for you who played the other series of Monster Hunter. This game be the most succesfull game this year ! The developer also make the price lower than the previous version so it’s a good news right ?

In this game, you will fight against hundred monsters. When you beat the monster, you can craft many equipment like armor, helmet, boots, weapons and many more. So this game can be your partner to accompany you through the weekend.

3. Walking Dead: Final Season

If you are the fans of Walking Dead Series, so you need to play this game. From the first season, this game came with emotional story. But you must remember, this game is point to click game, so it’s not suitable for all gamers. But if you like this kind of game, you need to play this one. Seriously !