New Fraction, New Heroes, And New Features On Seven Knight

Who are the fans of mobile RPG games that don’t know about this Netmarble game called Seven Knight. The game that runs with the turn based RPG system is very popular from year to year, and only a few days ago announced that it would bring new content into the game in the next update. The update will present a new Special Hero named ‘Aleem’.

Aleem is a special hero from the “Terra Herald” fraction that was added to the update. Terra Herald is a new fraction that appears in the game. Netmarble added that they will also add and present content along with new heroes in the fraction. Plus, Aleem, who is the first hero of the faction, will become the new leader in Terra Herald and will have unique skills.

In addition to new heroes and new factions, Seven Knight will also provide new features that can strengthen the hero by using an additional ability, “Fighter Soul”. However, to use the ‘Soul Soul’, players must use ‘Soul Shard’ to strengthen the hero and these items can be obtained through Adventure and arena.

The cool thing is, to celebrate the new update, Netmarble is happy to provide abundant rewards and interesting events. Immediately, Download the Seven Knight on your mobile, and login now!