Gearbox Finally Announces Borderlands 3

Departing from a unique cartoonist visualization with unique & solid FPS gameplay, Borderlands is able to make gamers end up falling in love. 5 years has been absent, of course, making the fans feel longed for the presence of the latest series of the Gearbox concoction franchise.

The good news, finally the wait will soon be paid off, after circulating as mere rumors, finally today Gearbox announces a new Borderlands series, a Borderlands title which finally holds the number 3 behind it.

Through the reveal trailer of about 3.5 minutes that they have shown, Borderlands 3 will offer many actions that are far more “crazy” than the previous series. The artistic karunic visualization that Gerbox still maintains in the newest series this time, but of course with the improvement that makes the game look more dazzling on the current generation platform.

Gearbox itself is only sharing information through its first trailer, they plan to announce various details about Borderlands 3 on the 3rd April.