Newest Battle Royale Game: Apex Legends

If you have heard or played PUBG games, then this is the newest game that is a bit like PUBG. Apex Legend, this game is pretty similar to PUBG which has the theme of battle royale but has the touch of Overwatch. Because Apex Legend is not just an ordinary FPS game, it has skills.

This game was released on February 11, 2019, after doing research for the next 3 days, this game has been played by 25 million users! WOW, it’s quite big right ?. This game can be played with your friends as many as 3 people each party. If you die in the game, you can respawn again if your teammates help you.

Apex Legend has several characters ready to play. Each character also has their own abilities, such as attackers, defense, medic and trackers. As the name implies, the attacker, of course the task of this role is to attack and taje down enemy, the skill also supports to sneak up to attack the enemy. Defense is certainly a skill that is owned to protect a friend’s 1 team. Medic to cure one team friend and yourself. Tracker to track enemies whether there are enemies approaching or not.

The weapons used are also not too difficult to control, just need to adapt for a while. Unlike PUBG, the weapons are difficult to control and need time to adapt so they can control their weapons.