Fortnite Finally Adding Heavy Shotgun On PS4, Xbox and PC

FYI, Fortnite Battle Royale finally adding a new weapon, Heavy Shotgun. This new gun only availabe for PS4, Xbox and PC. Luckily there is no additional download required to using this new gun, not only that, all server will still online, no downtime and you can play like usually.

Fortnite also want to adding Falme Grill Floor Trap, but till now, it’s not precisely announced when this item will be available. But Fortnite team said that this item will be available soon, very soon.

Last week Fortnite already doing the big patch, update 3.3 In this update, they added remote explosive. With this item, you can plant some bomb and detonate it whenever you want, sounds cool right ? But you must know, you only can plant 4 bomb at the time, no more.

How you can get the remote explosive gun ? You can found it inside the treasure chest or supply drops. In update 3.3, there is one new box called supply llamas, you also can get this gun from this supply llamas. It’s also come with many good supply to help you survive the battle.

Fortnite also launched on iOS and Android, but you need a highly specification of your mobile phone to play this game.