How You Feel If Work As Graveyard Keeper ?

How You Feel If Work As Graveyard Keeper ?

Back in time, Harvestmoon was a great game with cool gameplay and feature. But till now, there is no developer who can make a game like Havestmoon. If you want to bring back you memories, you can play Graveyard Keeper.

This game look like Harvestmoon, but you play as a graveyard keeper. Your job is to stimulate your life to build a good cemetery. Same as Harvestmoon, you need to collect material to build a good graveyard. Not only that, you also can collect item from corpses for gaining gold.

Graveyard Keeper have large map, so you can explore more and more. There is a cool festival and a little bit romantic sense in this game.

If you are a coward and scare to play horror game, you no need to worry, this game is cute fun game with no jumpscare scene. The undead and skeleton in this game are so damn cute, so you no need to worry about them.

Graveyard Keeper using a pixel style graphic. This game focusing on the story instead of graphic. But this game is fun to play and can be a time killer !

If you want to play this game, you can download it from Steam for Rp. 108.999 or 7,99 USD. Bring back your memories about Harvestmoon by playing this game !