Kingdom Hearts 3 – Make Smile Every Time!

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Make Smile Every Time!

6 years is not a short time, first announced at the E3 2013 event, now we can finally enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3. After such a long wait, now everything is paid off, finally we can enjoy Sora’s latest adventure as a whole.

Development over a period of years is certainly expected to appear stunning, and Square Enix managed to do so. There are a lot of significant positive changes in Kingdom Hearts 3, and the most striking of course comes from the visual aspect. Packed with Unreal Engine 4, the visual quality that is presented looks very refreshing to the eyes, every world that Sora explores feels always “sweet”.

The matter of story matters, as we know, Kingdom Hearts is indeed one of the franchises with complex stories. But this third series is confirmed to immediately continue Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Of course, for those of you who decide to go directly to this third series, it will be difficult to digest the story that was presented. Given that Kingdom Hearts itself has 9 main games, all of which have related stories.

From the aspect of the gameplay itself, now Kingdom Hearts 3 comes with a mechanism that is increasingly complex but far more interesting. Every fight that is presented always feels good, starting from just facing the kroco, to facing the boss battle, all of which are very unique and interesting. A quick battle with each combo that can be released by Sora, presents visual and movement effects that are very pleasing to the eye and will make your eyes difficult to blink.