Best Build For Lina In Dota 2

Best Build For Lina In Dota 2

Lina becomes a hero who can play many roles, from carry, support, mid laner to safelaner. This hero has enormous magic damage. Besides that, Lina also has passive skills that can support her to become a carry. The following are the most appropriate items to play Lina.

First item: Eul Scepter.

This item is an item that provides additional fast SP regeneration and intelligence additions. This item has an active ability called cyclone. With this active skill, Lina can fly a target that can be combined with her second skill which has a stun effect.

Second item: Blink Dagger

This item gives users the ability to “jump” quickly in the direction specified by the user. With this item, Lina can enter the war easily and can give the opponent bursting damage.

Third item: Aghanim Scepter

This item serves to add several attributes and provide additional SP and HP to users. This item will also strengthen Lina’s ultimate skill called Laguna Blade.

Fourth item: Shadow Blade

This item gives the user the ability to disappear. When it disappears, the user will get additional movement speed. Because Lina does not have the skills to escape, this item can be the right item to buy during an early game or mid game.

Fifth item: Scythe of Vyse

This item is an item that has a high purchase price. With this item, Lina can conjure one target and turn it into a chicken. This item is very effective for killing and stopping the opponent’s movements.