Best Player In PES 2019, From Defender Untill Striker

Best Player In PES 2019, From Defender Untill Striker

Pro Evolution Soccer ( PES ) 2019 will be release in 30 August 2018. In this year, Konami is not cooperating with UEFA anymore, so the effect is they don’t have the licence for Champions League.

Konami improving the graphic so dramatically. Konami made it so realistic so the player can feel like playing in real football match. You also can nostalgic with Adriano, the football legends !

Like before, Konami also made a new statistic of the player. In the last version, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player, but how about in PES 2019 ? No one know ! And this is the best player in PES 2019.

For defender, the best player is Ramos, Hummels, Marcelo, Pique and Van Dijk. They have higher score for defender, 87+ point.

For midfieldfer, we can see De Bruyne, Kroos, Modric, Kante and Silva. They have higher score for midfielder, 87+ point.

For striker, there is Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Salah and Griezman. They have higher score for striker, 90+ point. Messi and Ronaldo still be the best striker in PES 2019 with 94 point, and Nemay took the second place with 93 point.

A little bit shocked, Mohamed Salah from Liverpool also be the best striker. If we see his performance with Liverpool, we think he fit to be the best player in PES 2019.

Indonesia Wins 1st Place in 2019 SEA Finals PES

PES Southeast Asia (SEA) Finals 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand has just ended. Indonesia won the first place and topped seven other participating countries.

Indonesia sent four people as representatives in the 2019 SEA Finals PES, including Rizky Faidan from Bandung, Rommy Hadiwijaya from Banjarmasin, Elga Cahya Putra from Palembang, and Ardi Agung Nugroho from Lampung.

The four were selected from the national level competition as the initial stage before becoming representatives for Indonesia, Liga1PES held on February 16-17 2019. This competition previously collected 25 of the best players from Jakarta,Jawa, Sumatra Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT and NTB .

Quoted from RevivalTV, Rizky Faidan became the most interesting. The teenager, nicknamed “The Wonder Boy”, was the youngest participant in the PES competition for several years. Rizky became a finalist several times and won the international PES competition.

At the age of 13, Rizky has been active as a champion of the national level PES competition. Rizky has already passed the Liga1PES final round three times so that he is a representative of Indonesia, starting from the 2016 PES SEA Finals in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the first winner in PES 2018 Malaysia.

This year at the age of 15, Rizky managed to get Indonesia to win first place in the 2019 SEA Finals PES competition. In the competition which was joined by 32 players from eight countries, Rizky brought Indonesia to meet Vietnam in the final round.

RevivalTV said that previously (besides Rizky) Indonesian representatives were defeated by representatives from Vietnam and finally only left Rizky. The fight between Rizky and the Vietnamese representatives ended in penalty shootouts with numbers 4-3.

Thanks to this achievement, Rizky won a prize money of THB 50,000 or Rp.22 million. With this title, Rizky will be Indonesia’s representative for the PES championship in Tokyo Japan for the next few months.