The Most Incredible Player In Dota 2 History

The Most Incredible Player In Dota 2 History

The International is the most biggest competition of DOTA 2 in the world. The prize pool is amazing, can you imagine what you can buy with 23 million USD ? That’s why many players and team do their best to win this competition.

Back in time, in 2017 there is most populer player in The International 2017. Liquid become a winner in the last The International. There is many pro team who participating this competition, like LGD, VP, Liquid and many more. So, this is 3 top player in the world who joining The International 2018.

Number one is Roman Kushnarev – RAMZES666 – Virtus.Pro

RAMZES666 is the most pro carry player in the world. He have unbelieved year back in time. Remember how LGD almost lose when fought them in DAC Championship 2018 ? It’s because of RAMZES666 ! His lifestealer gameplay is devastating with powerfull support teammates and mid laner. Maybe this year Virtus.Pro can win TI8.

Number two is Amer al-Barqawi – Miracle – Liquid

Same as RAMZES666, who don’t know about his skill ? His “god hand” on playing Shadowfiend and Juggernaut is absolutely good. His succesfull hero is Anti Mage. His performance on TI competition is the reason for Liquid to success, no doubt about it !

Number three is Damien Chok – Kpii – Newbee

His gameplay is more like to MinD_ContRoL” from Liquid team. His consistency on playing is very good and can be learn by the other. Even he’s underrated player, but all profesional team in Dota 2 must aware of his skill.