Most Popular Boss In Ragnarok Online

Most Popular Boss In Ragnarok Online

In playing MMORPG games, to raise the level of course we have to kill a number of monsters to gain experience, as well as the Ragnarok Online game. The Korean game which slid in 2002 was indeed a very popular game to date.

To raise the level in the Ragnarok Online game, we are required to kill monsters and take the experience of the monsters we kill. The monsters that will be faced also vary, ranging from normal monsters that we can find throughout our game, to powerful bosses who will only spawn every few hours. The following is the most famous boss in the game Ragnarok Online.

1. Baphomet

This boss symbolizes destruction. The boss in the form of a giant big goat carrying this sickle became the boss who was highly targeted by the Ragnarok players. Besides having a cool shape, Baphomet also has very tempting drop items like Baphomet Helm and Baphomet Card.

2. Lord of Death

As the name implies, this boss is the king of the undead. He was a knight who used a white horse and carried a large shield and spear. This boss is always a target because he has tantalizing drop items such as Ice Pick and Lord of Death Card.

3. Dark Lord

This boss is the king of eternal darkness. He has loyal men named Dark Illusion. The most wanted item from the Dark Lord is his card. The Dark Lord Card has the auto effect of level 10 Meteor Storm skill.

4. Eddga

Wow, if this boss is very identical to the city of Payon. Drops are most often used by players with Pipe, which is a large cigar that is very cool and macho! Besides that, Eddga Card is also being hunted by the players because it has the Endure auto skill effect.

5. Valkryie

This boss is a very strong boss. It has ASPD and also a huge attack damage. But many people are looking for this boss because the drops is very cool and useful like a Valkyrie set and also Card.

Godly Item In Ragnarok Online

In the Ragnarok Online game, there are several items that fall into the GODLY item category. The equipment has a very terrible use so it is called a god inheritance. What are these items?

1. Sleipnir

This item is the shoe used by the god Odin. In this shoe, there is a terrible force. For anyone wearing shoes will get an additional 20% Max HP and also SP and get Mdef +10 points and also def +5 points. In addition, users will also get an additional 15 SP regenerations every second. This shoe also gives the user maximum speed of movement.

2. Mjolnir

This hammer is a replica of the hammer used by the god Thor. This hammer has god power in it. This hammer will provide an additional 40 points of Dex and 15 points for STR. In addition, users will also get additional attack speed when using this weapon.

3. Brisingamen
This item is a duplication of the necklace worn by the goddess Freya. This necklace will give additional Str, Agi, Int, Vit +6 points and also Luk +10 points. In addition, users will also get an additional MDEF of 5 points.

4. Meginjard

If asked what accessories are the most powerful, maybe the answer is Meginjard. This item is an item used by Thor to get terrible strength. This item will provide an additional 40 STR and also MDEF +7. In addition, if the user has a total STR of 120 points, it will add damage to boss monsters by 10%.