Million Player Has Banned By Valve Recorded in a Month

Yesterday, 2018 marked a very important history for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive or commonly abbreviated as CSGO. Where surprisingly, the legendary multiplayer FPS game made by Valve officially follows 2 of its sibling games such as DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 as games that you can play for free, aka Free to Play. Not only that, they also added a new content that allows you to enjoy an experience with a royale through the Danger Zone mode.

However, there must still be a kind of risk or obstacle that Valve would not want to face for the steps they have chosen. Besides having to deal with a variety of negative reviews posted by players who were dissatisfied, Gaben’s beloved developer also seemed to be preoccupied with the emergence of many cheater-cheers as soon as possible they should be conditioned.

Reporting from a Twitter account, an observer or CSGO expert, namely Norway, he just discovered an interesting graph that shows the severity of the number of cheat users in December. Where Valve was noted to have eradicated more than 600 thousand (exactly 609,373) account cheaters who were not responsible through the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC Ban) line.

Very much in contrast to the number of tires that Valve has lowered in November back, this half million more figure is assumed to come from many cheaters-cheaters in CSGO games. Because last December was arguably the month that confirmed the beginning of the CSGO announcement as a Free to Play game. Remarkably, the 600 thousand figure is also the biggest blocking record that Valve can do in one month.

Hopefully, behind their enthusiasm in banning tiered cheaters, Valve can also take the initiative in renewing anti-cheat handling systems that are far more efficacious in this 2019.