Valve Give Coin Award for Veteran Counter Strike Players

After creating a new game mode, the battle royer, namely Danger Zone and making the Counter Strike Global Offensive game free, Valve again leaked the latest update from the Counter-strike Global Offensive game.

In conjunction with the final update of season 2018 and Winter Wonderland at CSGO, Valve will also give award coins to veteran players in Counter Strike. Coins nicknamed 10 Year Coin Dedication will be given to players who have supported the Counter Strike game for more than 10 years.

Actually the Counter Strike Global Offensive game was just released by Valve in 2012. But the previous game from the first Serie Counter Strike has been around since 2000. So from that Counter Strike game can be said to be 18 years old.

Giving veteran coins to appreciate the loyalty of Counter Strike players from around the world to the community because it can still exist until now. Besides coins Valve will also give virtual medals to CSGO players who have a Global General rank (Rank 40) at the end of this season.

CSGO has recently become a pro-contra among its players because the game is now free by Valve. Although the players will be more numerous but the quality will decrease. Besides the problem of cheats is also still haunting the biggest FPS game.