Best Handgun In PUBG Pc Or Mobile

Best Handgun In PUBG Pc Or Mobile

Of all types of weapons in PUBG Mobile, a gun may be underestimated. There are weapons from the SMG and shotgun categories that can still be useful until the end of the game. (UMP and Vector with full modification for SMG, S12K for shotgun). But a gun?

When your enemies are likely to be protected with a minimum of armor and level 2 helmets, using a gun in battle feels difficult.

But the PUBG Mobile pistols still have their own advantages. At the beginning of the game, when your enemy might not use armor, these weapons can still be relied on to survive.

So, which PUBG Mobile pistol is reliable?

If you look carefully at the information in the Armory, you will find that the R1895 has great power.

But like most weapons that use 7.62mm bullets, you will find that this weapon recoil is quite heavy.

Oh, the modifications that you can give to this weapon are also just silencers. You can’t use the red dot’s help to shoot enemies more accurately.

You also can’t add extended magazine attachments to add bullets. (Because yes, it’s not a magazine using a magazine).

Don’t get me wrong, the R1895 can kill enemies steadily if used correctly.

But for this type of gun (the accuracy of which is all less reliable), the limitations of modification, the limitation of the bullet, and the heavy recoil of the R1895 can get you killed even in a gunfight.

Don’t forget if you refill the bullet, the R1895 must be filled one by one. If your bullet runs out when you are dealing with an enemy, surely you will be killed.