Baca Ini Sebelum Melihat Film Superhero Lainnya

We’re about to veer off into some contentious territory. When you bring up the subject of superhero movies, you can instantly see the various factions prepping for a struggle over what makes a superhero film. The arguments are sometimes based on the premise that original materials were completely ignored and that the hero in question received the Hollywood treatment. Others believe that movies are meant to be enjoyed, not broken down into spreadsheets for the sake of authenticity to source materials – it’s all about fun.

The main purpose here is to speak with the comic book fan who wants to get the most out of the slew of superhero films currently in theaters. To put it another way, it’s time to relax your guard. No one is going to challenge your fandom or dismiss your years of devoted source material devotion. This is about persuading you to put down your comic books every now and then and go see a film based on characters and storylines you’re familiar with.

If you identify with what we’ve described, here’s a fast primer to superhero movies and how to get the most out of them:

Accept the Differences – Using your imagination when writing a movie script is a part of the process. Even if you have access to source material, you may need to build story arcs to assist the film’s flow. Elements will be omitted, and entire characters may be absent from the narrative. It’s a crash course in filmmaking.

Series vs. Sequel – You may not like the neat ending that leaves potential for a sequel, but keep in mind that a long-running comic can keep a tale going for a long time. Movies must either end or be successful enough to keep audiences wanting more.

Embody Suspension of Disbelief – Every now and then, you just have to let go of your devotion and watch a movie. If there isn’t any egregious misuse of characters, go into the cinema knowing you have an advantage over everyone else and just relax for a couple of hours.