Resident Evil II Remake Trailer Finally Released

On Monday (11/19/2018), the official Playstation Youtube channel uploaded the newest video trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake which lasted about 15 minutes. In the trailer we are introduced to the most iconic enemy of this series!

It is clear we are talking about Lickers, blind monsters created by a medical company Umbrella that relies on its sharp sense of hearing to prey and whip them with their tongues! Not only that, the big claws that are owned by the old Licker are back in the Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer!

On the other hand, thanks to the same mechanism confirmed by Resident Evil 7, it is certain that monsters that are able to jump from end to end of this room will be far more difficult to kill and have far more irritating defenses than their old incarnations!

Then, a new polish from the parking location of the Raccoon Police Department was also leaked in this trailer, along with new scenes seen as an extension of the old game that were hampered by the limitations of Playstation devices!

And not only the location leaked by Capcom through this trailer video. Pieces of scenes that occur in that location are also included, you know!

Taking the viewpoint of Claire Redfield, the younger brother of Chris Redfield, the experience of playing in it is also increasingly varied by maintaining the freshness of the route by placing new enemies.

A more unsteady shooting system with a cursor that is not always stable actually adds to the playing experience rather than disturbing, especially with games that prioritize this creepy atmosphere.

From the point of view of the main characters, it is clear that the unstable cursor implies their fear when dealing with the horrible Umbrella-created monsters!