Best Build For Lina In Dota 2

Best Build For Lina In Dota 2

Lina becomes a hero who can play many roles, from carry, support, mid laner to safelaner. This hero has enormous magic damage. Besides that, Lina also has passive skills that can support her to become a carry. The following are the most appropriate items to play Lina.

First item: Eul Scepter.

This item is an item that provides additional fast SP regeneration and intelligence additions. This item has an active ability called cyclone. With this active skill, Lina can fly a target that can be combined with her second skill which has a stun effect.

Second item: Blink Dagger

This item gives users the ability to “jump” quickly in the direction specified by the user. With this item, Lina can enter the war easily and can give the opponent bursting damage.

Third item: Aghanim Scepter

This item serves to add several attributes and provide additional SP and HP to users. This item will also strengthen Lina’s ultimate skill called Laguna Blade.

Fourth item: Shadow Blade

This item gives the user the ability to disappear. When it disappears, the user will get additional movement speed. Because Lina does not have the skills to escape, this item can be the right item to buy during an early game or mid game.

Fifth item: Scythe of Vyse

This item is an item that has a high purchase price. With this item, Lina can conjure one target and turn it into a chicken. This item is very effective for killing and stopping the opponent’s movements.

Items that must be purchased during the early game in Dota 2

In playing Dota 2, we need to know what items need to be purchased. Usually, the decision to purchase items made during the early game is very influential in the course of the game itself. The following are items that must be purchased during the early game at Dota 2.

An item named Wraith Band. This item is an item commonly purchased by an agility type hero. This item provides significant additional attributes, which are 7 points for agility and 3 points for strength and intelligence. This item is also cheap enough to become an item that must be purchased during the early game. Besides this item can also be upgraded to Ring of Aquila which gives additional armor and which regen for the user.

The second item that must be purchased is Null Talisman, the same as the first item, the difference is that the larger points lie in the intelligence points. This item is suitable for INT-type heroes.

the third item named Bracer. As with the first item, the only difference in points is strength. This item is very suitable to be purchased for STR-type heroes, in addition to adding damage to STR heroes, this item also gives a fairly large HP addition at the beginning of the game.

The fourth item is called Magic Stick or Magic Wand. This item will give a charge every time there is a hero near the user who uses the skill. Each charge that is charged will give up to 15 HP and 10 SP. The maximum charge that this item can get is 17 charges.

BOOM ID Successfully Passed To StarLadder Dota 2 Minor in Ukraine

Although it failed to qualify for the DreamLeague Season 11 tournament, BOOM ID is now re-carving new history. The representative from Indonesia managed to advance to play the Starladder Dota 2 Minor event to be held in Kiev, Ukraine. The success of BOOM ID through the minor for the second time this year certainly deserves appreciation.

In the BOOM ID qualifying round, there must be three strong Southeast Asian teams namely Tigers, Lotacs, and Detonators. But with the ability of BOOM ID players they managed to defeat their opponents without even losing one time.

With the passing of BOOM ID to Ukraine, BOOM ID hopes to return to DreamLeague Season 11 again open. Where later the champion of Starladder Dota 2 Minor will qualify automatically for DreamLeague Season 11. However, BOOM ID must face tough opponents from China and other Europeans.

In addition, BOOM ID is also fighting over the DPC Points which are used as invitation indicators towards The International 2019. Currently BOOM ID has only gotten 20 points from The Bucharest Minor yesterday. We’ll see whether BOOM ID will continue to skyrocket or even fall back as in the Minor tournament yesterday. Good job BOOM ID ! You all make Indonesia gamer proud !

What You Should Do If Play As A Core In Dota 2 ?

The International 2018 Main Event already began, If you still remember about the match between Liquid againts OpTic, you can see the gampelay of Miracle- in that match. If you want become a pro player, you need to know what core hero should do in a match.

First, you need to know what’s the best starting item for your hero. Starting item extremely important. If you buy the wrong item, you will be hard to farm in lane. If you are a melee hero, you can buy a Quelling blade. This item will give you extra damage on non hero unit like creeps and jungle monster. Don’t forget to buy healing item like Tango or Healing Salve.

The second one is farming. Focusing yourself in farming. In early game, you nee to focus so you can buy one core item and help your team when clashing, specially if you using Alchemist. When using Alchemist, you need to rush your Radience. Usually, Alchemist can buy Radience in minute 10 – 12.

When doin a clash, remember this thing, always aim their support, not their main carry ! Kill their support so they can’t disable you or harassing you. After killing their support, you can aim their carry. Ignore tank !

Don’t forget to do lane rotation if playing at mid lane. Always bring Town’s Portal so you can back up your teammates and kill enemy unit.

The Most Incredible Player In Dota 2 History

The International is the most biggest competition of DOTA 2 in the world. The prize pool is amazing, can you imagine what you can buy with 23 million USD ? That’s why many players and team do their best to win this competition.

Back in time, in 2017 there is most populer player in The International 2017. Liquid become a winner in the last The International. There is many pro team who participating this competition, like LGD, VP, Liquid and many more. So, this is 3 top player in the world who joining The International 2018.

Number one is Roman Kushnarev – RAMZES666 – Virtus.Pro

RAMZES666 is the most pro carry player in the world. He have unbelieved year back in time. Remember how LGD almost lose when fought them in DAC Championship 2018 ? It’s because of RAMZES666 ! His lifestealer gameplay is devastating with powerfull support teammates and mid laner. Maybe this year Virtus.Pro can win TI8.

Number two is Amer al-Barqawi – Miracle – Liquid

Same as RAMZES666, who don’t know about his skill ? His “god hand” on playing Shadowfiend and Juggernaut is absolutely good. His succesfull hero is Anti Mage. His performance on TI competition is the reason for Liquid to success, no doubt about it !

Number three is Damien Chok – Kpii – Newbee

His gameplay is more like to MinD_ContRoL” from Liquid team. His consistency on playing is very good and can be learn by the other. Even he’s underrated player, but all profesional team in Dota 2 must aware of his skill.

Know More About Ancient Apparation In Dota 2

For those of you who like to play hero support in the Dota 2 game, surely you are familiar to Ancient Apparation right? This one hero is a counter for high-regenerating heroes like Alchemist and other tank heroes.

Ancient Apparation is a hero that has ice elements and has many skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements. This hero can also be played in several roles such as mid laner or support.

The ability of Ancient Apparation to harassing enemies during the early game also deserves a thumbs up. By using his first skill, he can give magic damage to the opponent he is targeting. Even worse, if the opponent does not move within a certain distance, they will be exposed to freeze status.

To maximize his first skill, Ancient also has skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements in the targeted area. Besides that the opponent will also receive a substantial reduction in magic defense.

With cold touch, in the next five attacks after the use of skills, Ancient Apparation along with friends who are in the AOE skill will get very large magic damage, this magic attack is pure, which means that it will not be cut off by magic defense.

Ancient Apparation’s Ultimate is Ice Blast. This skill is global. For each unit hit by this ice wave it will lose the ability to regenerate its cellphone, even in a fountain!