Best Handgun In PUBG Pc Or Mobile

Best Handgun In PUBG Pc Or Mobile

Of all types of weapons in PUBG Mobile, a gun may be underestimated. There are weapons from the SMG and shotgun categories that can still be useful until the end of the game. (UMP and Vector with full modification for SMG, S12K for shotgun). But a gun?

When your enemies are likely to be protected with a minimum of armor and level 2 helmets, using a gun in battle feels difficult.

But the PUBG Mobile pistols still have their own advantages. At the beginning of the game, when your enemy might not use armor, these weapons can still be relied on to survive.

So, which PUBG Mobile pistol is reliable?

If you look carefully at the information in the Armory, you will find that the R1895 has great power.

But like most weapons that use 7.62mm bullets, you will find that this weapon recoil is quite heavy.

Oh, the modifications that you can give to this weapon are also just silencers. You can’t use the red dot’s help to shoot enemies more accurately.

You also can’t add extended magazine attachments to add bullets. (Because yes, it’s not a magazine using a magazine).

Don’t get me wrong, the R1895 can kill enemies steadily if used correctly.

But for this type of gun (the accuracy of which is all less reliable), the limitations of modification, the limitation of the bullet, and the heavy recoil of the R1895 can get you killed even in a gunfight.

Don’t forget if you refill the bullet, the R1895 must be filled one by one. If your bullet runs out when you are dealing with an enemy, surely you will be killed.

Joker And Hailey Queen Finally Come To PUBG Steam

The most famous Battle Royale game today, PUBG (Uknown Battleground Player) has finally released very unique content. The game developer presented skin Joker and Harley Quinn from DC Comic.

The developer deliberately presents the content to satisfy the wishes of DC fans in the world. But keep in mind, to get this limited edition skin, there are prices that must be paid by the players.

For Harley Quinn skin, players must spend 24.99 USD or around 350,000 rupiahs, while for Joker it has a cheaper price of 19.99 USD.

The two skins that are presented are very similar to the character of the eyebrows, ranging from clothing, hairstyles to the style displayed is very identical.

Harley Quinn is wearing a very iconic Daddy’s Lil Monster outfit with colorful hair and a large baseball bat.

As for skin Joker, green hair and cool nightclub clothes are very identical to the original character.

This skin can be purchased since November 7 yesterday. These two skins also have an official license from DC that does not violate copyright. Unfortunately the skin is only present on PUBG STEAM and is not yet available for the mobile version.

So don’t wait to long, grap them fast and beat every enemy with cool costume from DC Comic. Let’s have some fun dude !

PUBG New Map : Dihor Otok

The latest map for PUBG finally leaked. The latest PUBG map named Dihor Otok. This latest map shows a snowy and white area, in contrast to the previous map which takes the theme of the wilderness.

In this latest update, PUBG also added several new features such as a new weapon called a flare gun that can be used to drop airdrop. In addition, new vehicles will also be present on this map.

Dihor Otok is a very suitable map for playing AWP type weapons. There are lots of sniping positions, so for players who are skilled at playing AWP, this one map will be the best map for you.

Dihor Otok also has many high mountains which can be used as sniping points. Not only that, you can also explore, there are many buildings that can be explored.

Cool again, you will find a C4 bomb on this map. PUBG Corp also decided to add claymore in the game. Exclaims, isn’t it?

The building in this latest map will use medieval style. The combination of snowy environment with medieval buildings will certainly add excitement in playing PUBG.

Are you ready to fight on the Dihor Otok map? Prepare your weapons and ammunition and reach the Chicken Dinner on this latest map!

PUBG Will Colaborating With Resident Evil ?

It is undeniable that PUBG is the pioneer of the genre of battle royale which inspired many other battle royale games. After the success of the PC version, PUBG Corp & Tencent worked together to bring PUBG into the mobile domain, and the results? the success is increasingly “crazy”.

As we know, PUBG is survival battle royale game which is very popular right now. Can you imagine if the best battle royale game colaborate with the most sucessfull franchise of survival horror game, Resident Evil ? It will be an awesome colaborate right ?

Try giving surprise fans, through the PMSC 2018 stage, Tencent officially announced that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with an ambitious remake project from Capcom – Resident Evil 2 Remake.

For now Tencent still hasn’t given more details regarding this collaboration, but they promised to immediately announce the full content & details that will be presented. Most likely this collaboration will present cosmetics that will change the appearance of characters to be like Leon & Claire, and the possibility will also present a zombie mode like PUBG PC.

While for the Resident Evil 2 Remake game, the plan will be released on January 25, 2019, for PC, PlayStation, & Xbox One. What would the collaboration of PUBG Mobile & Resident Evil 2 Remake be like? we just wait.

PUBG Released On PS4, Yippiey !

PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp) announced today that it will bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to the PS4 console on 7 December.

PUBGs are given a T rating for Teenagers by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and are now available for pre-orders globally at retailers that collaborate and on the PlayStation Store.

Additional bundles are available with limited offers during pre-orders.

“We are delighted to be able to expand our PUBG services and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game,” said Changhan Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp.

“PlayStation has developed an incredible community of gamers and we can’t wait to join them this holiday season” he continued

PUBG on the PlayStation 4 will be launched with three iconic maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. This game will cover all the main features, ranked systems, event modes, achievements, and more.

PlayStation 4 players who pre-order will receive two exclusive items from PUBG: Nathan Drake’s outfit from the Uncharted and Ellie’s backpack series from The Last of Us.

Those who play on the PS4 Pro will see improved graphics quality, including support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting on compatible TV devices.

PUBG will be available in three different pre-order bundles, available until launch in December. For those who want to buy, just come here.

Here’s the price of the PUBG in the console, yes:

Looter’s Edition: Rp. 432000
Base Game
Survivor’s Edition Rp. 719000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
2,300 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP
Champion’s Edition Rp. 864000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
6,000 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP